How rainforests should be used


What do we do?

Loggers cut down trees to sell the wood to make furniture, paper, or anything else made out of wood. We do not care about anyone or anything in the rainforest, even if we are destroying many habitats of animals, plants, and Natives. We believe that rainforests are not important and we need to cut down the trees for money. Native Amazonians don't approve of our process because we are destroying what they call home and destroying all of the resources they use to live.


Who do we harm?

The only kind of people that we do not harm are the Cattle Ranchers. This is because they use land of the rainforest that has already been cleared by us. We do harm Settlers because they live in the rainforest and use the resources found their to live. They also grow crops and other goods there to eat for their family. We also harm Rubber Tappers because there are less and less trees that they can get rubber from and that is harming their jobs. We are harming Environmentalists because we are destroying the things that they want to preserve.

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