They need your help!

Somalians are in need of help. Their in need of your help. If you are willing to volunteer to go on this trip to East Africa it will be free to travail there. Let me tell you about their conditions. They are in need of protection food water and you can help them their in need of peace and justice.
Let me tell you more about there country and climate. Due to somalia's proximity to to the equator, there is not much seasonal rariation. It is always hot and hummid. We are only asking to to stay in somalia for 24 hours, and get as much work done as possible to help these inecnet people. Now let me tell you more about their culture. Here are two subcultures somali, and Bantu. There are about 5 million people in somalia. I will warn you there is some warfare between some clans. So you're at your own risk. In conclusion if you want more info about helping somalia please use the info at the bottom thank you.