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In the struggle lies the joy- Maya Angelou

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Music Making: From Creation to Community:

This class will allow students to learn the basic fundamentals of writing and recording pieces of music. Over the course of 7 sessions, students will work with Anton Jones, Interdisciplinary Artist of CEO of CLIMB Theatre to create, record, and share original pieces of music. Students will work together to define their community, explore a diverse array of music styles, and be exposed to job and mentorship opportunities in the local arts and music scene. Upon completion of this residency, participants will also be provided with a finished recording of the work created over the course.

Students are required to register and commit to the 7 sessions which will be held on Friday afternoons of CBI days in the auditorium 1-3pm - 2/23, 3/9, 3/23, 4/20, 5/4, 5/18 and 6/1

  • Be on time
  • If you miss more than 1 session your spot in the class will be replaced with an alternate.
  • When registering students for this please discuss with them the requirements and consequences of not meeting them
  • . First preference is going to go to team 2 or 3 students who may be in their last year AND are attending regularly.
  • Registration link

Staff supporting during this time will include K Taylor, Austin, Grace and Gerry.

I recognize this is prep time for many licensed staff, but if you want to participate you are more than welcome.

Please have students sign up

Food Service News!!!


will be served on Non-CBI Fridays from 10:00-11:00


will be served on Wednesdays of CBI weeks beginning March 7th


will be available to order by completing an order form and returning it to Ms. Tia’s mailbox in the office

(see lemon cake in the office)

The next Accuplacer date is Wednesday, March 7

College Credit Opportunity for Bilingual Students

Please see the attached flier for information about how bilingual students can earn college credit for free. Please spread the word and post this in your classrooms. Students can sign up with Britt.

Safety and Security- Note - change (typo last week)

Please review procedures for lockdown - we will have a drill this week! Please advise students to treat every drill as if it were a real life situation.

Given the recent events in Florida it is important to make sure we are more prudent regarding our security in the building.

  • Students arriving after 10:30 will not be allowed in unless the case manager has notified the front desk prior to the student entering.
  • Students will not be allowed to return from lunch after 1:00- students are expected to be back for advisory by 12:50
  • No students or staff should enter the building after 9 am by any door other than Door 16- please do not call and ask someone to let you in- we need to model this expectation for students
  • Staff leaving the building before the end of the duty day need to be sure to sign out at the front office
  • Students leaving the building before the end of the day need to be sure to sign out at door 16

Mental Health Team Tip of the Week:

Did you know about the Power of Vitality app and website available to us as MPS Employees?

There are terrific resources to support your physical, mental and emotional health, and you can earn rewards for participating. There are even challenges you can join to team up with your TPlus colleagues!

From our MPS Website: It’s time for you to experience the Power of Vitality! Register on the Vitality website today and find out how you can engage in the wellness program and reap all the benefits! All permanent benefit eligible employees and covered spouses/domestic partners are eligible to participate in the Vitality program.

What is Vitality? Click this link to find out more

Vitality Program Overview


Ordering for supplies thru the end of the year will need to be submitted to Traci by Monday, March 12th. Just send her a list of what you want, with details – size, quantity, etc.

You can look for items on Amazon, or Target – and she will try to find MPS approved vendors that have comparable items.

Ask Traci for more info if needed.

Project Search Information Nights 2018

Do you have a student who would be a good fit for Project Search? Have them attend an Information Night. Please see the attached memo for detatils.

Teacher absences for staff development that is “Paid By District” –

These absences have to include a Conference Billing Form (CBF). They are available by the sign out by Jason’s door.

Fill it out, have Jason sign it and leave a copy with Traci. You should bring the CBF with you to the meeting and leave it with the person in charge of the meeting. That person will send you the form with the account codes for billing to the proper department. When you get it, you should forward it to Traci. (They might send it directly to Traci, too.)

This is very important. Traci does a monthly report listing how the subs are being paid for. When she doesn’t have the forms, then the billing is defaulted to Transition Plus.

We don’t want to incur expenses that are not ours.

Language Line Announcement

The Multilingual Department is happy to announce that district leadership has decided that funding for Language Line phone interpretation service will not be shifting to schools as planned for 2018-19, and will continue to be funded at the district level. Thank you to everyone who helped advocate for this decision by voicing your concerns about the equity impact of the proposed shift in funding.

Note that schools will continue to be responsible for funding interpreters for conferences and other events, as has been the case this current school year. More information about interpretation services can be found here.

Garage Sale in Main Office and the Prices are Great!

Periodically this semester, there will be a "garage sale" collection of curriculum and other items available for use in any Tplus classroom. These "garage sales" will be in the area next to Traci's desk in the main office! All items are FREE FREE FREE! Each "garage sale" will last about one week. After that time, the items will be available for any staff to donate to their favorite charitable organization.

  • Garage sale dates will be posted at the mail boxes. (and you CAN take materials any time you see them there
  • If you want to donate materials to charity after the closing date of each garage sale, please tell me and Patricia will keep a list of staff to notify when items can be taken off campus.
  • If you have items IN your classroom to give to a garage sale let me know and Patricia will pick them up.
  • Patricia will try to collect boxes and keep them under the garage sale table for folks to use.

Need help with Google Classroom?

If you need help with beginning steps of using Google Classroom, or if you are using it already and want to do more with it, Patricia is available to help out. She is available before school 8-9am, during 1st hour and during 6th hour to help you with the following Google Classroom elements. Email her to set up a time.

  • Setting up a classroom and inviting students
  • Creating assignments
  • Using Topics to organize your google classroom
  • Linking google docs and pdfs to assignments
  • Creating google forms and linking to google classroom
  • Creating self scoring quizzes with google forms and linking to google classroom
  • Creating self correcting answer sheets with google forms for consumable materials, which turns them into reusable materials

Upcoming at T- Plus

Monday--------- Budget committee meeting 3:15 - office

Tuesday -------- Team 2 Data Meeting

Wednesday---- Team 3 Data Meeting

Thursday------- Team 1 Data Meeting

Friday ----------- ILT Retreat----Davis L2-305

--------------------- ESP Meetings--- 9:30-10:00 & 10:05- 10:35