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Getting started with your Essential Oils can be overwhelming. But rest assured we are here for you!! We want you to know about every possible resource available to you! Save this flyer link on your phone home screen so you can access it anytime! Also, I will make changes as needed. Please, never hesitate to reach out to your sponsor or myself with questions, comments or concerns you may have!

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1. Let's open your kit together!

Opening Your New Kit

2. Listen to an Intro Class

Health and Wellness 101

LISTEN to an Intro Class RIGHT BELOW!

3. Make sure you are in our Facebook Group

We are always posting recipes, ideas, resources, promotions, classes and more! Don't miss out on this fantastic information!
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CLICK the links below to find excellent resource groups

1. Essentially Empowered FB group - by Amy Cassels (ME! choose this first!)

2. Oily Goodness and Mercy (OGM) - by Lori Gasca

3. Animal Aromatherapy 2 - by Lacey George

4. Green Diamond Events and Info - by Teresa Gingles

4. Understand Essential Rewards

It's FREE for all members! See the image below OR check out this video that explains it in full detail.


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5. Get one of these!

Having a reference guide book will change your life! This is what you need to learn how to use your oils in depth. An excellent resource that breaks down each and every oil to its origin, use and care instructions.

6. Video Channel

Check out my vimeo channel for fun and useful videos!

CLICK HERE for channel

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7. Podcast & ebook directory

Get educated while you drive, clean the house or go for a walk. Check out the ebooks I've created just for you! Save to your ibooks on your phone for instant access anytime.

CLICK HERE for podcast channel

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8. Know where to get accessories

For all your Oily needs this is the best place to get them! Whether you are a DIY person or just want to have some extra little cases or bottles to bring your oils with you for the day; this is the website for you!


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9. Ready to jump right in even more?

If you are ready to jump in and learn even more.. check out the Essential Oil book GALORE website here!


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10. Read others' testimonials

I LOVE this site. It's real information from other seasoned oilers. Great stuff right here. You will need to provide your email and member number. If you do not know your member number I can help or search your email for your welcome email from Young Living.

11. Young Living Blog

Visit our blog for recipes, tips, how to's and just great information all around!! This is a REALLY great resource!

Amy Cassels

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