War from Past to Present

Ryan Petter


War Technology

During World War ll all countries had different tanks that they created. The Soviet T-34, American M4 Sherman, British Churchill, and German Panzer Line were a few of the main powers of the war.

The United States also had finished the atomic bomb, which they used to end the war with Japan.

Guns especially machine guns were unreliable and still very heavy. Popular weapons include the M1 carbine (6 million made), The Karabiner 98K, ane the very reliable M1 Garand, which the United States made it quick to reload.

Naval warfare changed dramatically during World War II, with the ascent of the aircraft carrier to the premier vessel of the fleet, and the impact of increasingly capable submarines on the course of the war. The development of new ships during the war was somewhat limited due to the protracted time period needed for production, but important developments were often retrofitted to older vessels.

Aircraft saw rapid and broad development during the war to meet the demands of aerial combat and address lessons learned from combat experience. From the open cockpit airplane to the sleek jet fighter, many different types were employed, often designed for very specific missions. Aircraft were used in anti-submarine warfare against German U-Boats, by the Germans to mine shipping lanes

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War Technology

Ground warfare involves three types of combat units: Infantry, Armor, and Artillery.

Infantry usually having a type of rifle or sub-machine gun, an infantryman is the basic unit of an army. Armored warfare in modern times involves a variety of Armored fighting vehicles for the purpose of battle and support. Tanks or other armored vehicles (such as armored personnel carriers or tank destroyers) are slower, yet stronger hunks of metal. They are invulnerable to enemy machine gun fire but prone to rocket infantry, mines, and aircraft so are usually accompanied by infantry. Artillery in contemporary times, is distinguished by its large caliber, firing an explosive shell or rockets, and being of such a size and weight as to require a specialized mount for firing and transport

There are two types of warfare in this category. In a limited nuclear war, a small number of weapons are used in a tactical exchange aimed primarily at enemy combatants. In a full-scale nuclear war, large numbers of weapons are used in an attack aimed at entire countries.

Guns used in combat today are much different because they are more powerful and more reliable than before. The M4 Carbine is used in close quarters since it is reliable, lightweight, and a grenade launcher can easily be attached. The primary sniper rifle is the M40A1 rifle because of the reliable bolt action.

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