Updates and Reminders

Eastview Elementary School - October 8, 2015


The evacuation drill went extremely well. I received a number of compliments from the church staff about how well behaved our kiddos were and how professionally all of you handled things. Thank you for representing Eastview so well. I would also like to thank Gary for helping to plan the drill. He did a fabulous job!

Teachers - Please send Brenda a copy of your parent/teacher conference schedule by next Monday afternoon.

Next Week:

Monday: Columbus Day, Case Conference Day, Andrew will be here at 2:45 for Lexia/Dreambox training, Coats for Community Collection begins

Tuesday: Head Start field trip, Head Start Parent Mtg @ 5:30, School Board Meeting @ 6:30

Wednesday: Last day of Abby Candle Fundraiser, Security Commission Mtg @ 1:00 (CMS)

Thursday: 1st Grade Field Trip, ICE Conference (Burgeson, Crowe, Myers, Phegley)

Friday: Recess meeting with teaching assistants at 8:30, ICE Conference (Burgeson, Crowe, Myers), Flu Vaccination Clinic

Thank you all for your support!


To Do

  • Continue to check Lexia and Dreambox usage and make adjustments so kiddos can reach their weekly goals. Our percentage of students reaching their usage recommendations (as a school) has increased from 59% to 67% over the last month. The percentage of students that are on target for meeting their performance indicators has increased 11% in the last month.

  • Please check out Central Perk. We have a number of classes that are doing some really cool things with "Global Read Aloud" month. I'm hoping to have those teachers highlight their work at the November school board meeting. It's so impressive to see how all of you are "making the world smaller" and providing great experiences for our kiddos through the use of technology, while teaching literacy skills.

Central Perk

On the Calendar

Oct. 19-23 - Fall Break

Oct. 26 - Eagles of Month Names Due

Oct. 26 - RTI Meetings with all teachers during planning times. Please bring RTI progress monitoring data.

Oct. 27 - New Teacher Academy at Eastview

Oct. 28- Word Study PD @ 1:00, Conferring PD @ 2:00, Baby Shower @ 2:45

Oct. 29 - Fallapalooza @ 6:00

Nov. - 2 Hrach Field Trip

Nov. 12 - Elem. Principals Mtg

Nov. 19 - Closed Field Trip Day

Nov. 20- Last Day for Parent/Teacher Conferences

Nov. 23 - Conference attendance number due to Brenda

PBIS Note - October focus: Be Responsible

With the number of counselors meeting with kiddos during our lunch periods, I would like to avoid having students use their blue tickets to purchase "lunch in the conference room" on Tuesdays and Thursdays. We simply do not have the space. The other days should work fine, just send Brenda an email in advance, so to avoid conflicts.

Here are a few teaching points for Being Responsible:

When you agree to do something, do it. If you let people down, they'll stop believing you. When you follow through on your commitments, people take you seriously.

Answer for your own actions. Don't make excuses or blame others for what you do. When you take responsibility for your actions you are saying "I am the one who's in charge of my life."

Take care of your own matters. Don't always rely on adults to remind you when you're supposed to be somewhere or what you're supposed to bring. You take the responsibility.

Be trustworthy. If somebody trusts you to borrow or take care of something, take care of it. If somebody tells you something in confidence, keep it to yourself. It's important for people to know they can count on you.

Always use your head. Think things through and use good judgment. When you use your head you make better choices. That shows your parents they can trust you.

Don't put things off. When you have a job to do, do it. Doing things on time helps you take control of your life and shows that you can manage your own affairs.

Source: http://www.goodcharacter.com/YCC/BeingResponsible.html

PTO News

Popcorn Sales- Mrs. Jones is taking care of the Popcorn Friday schedule. We have a number of parent volunteers for this!

Fallapalooza- The October meeting was very productive and attendance was up. I appreciate those that were able to attend. We in the process of recruiting parents to work games/stations at the carnival. We are then hoping to have teachers sign up to work a 45 minute shift. We will get those signup sheets to you next week. Denise is going to help with decorations and some donations. If any of you have Halloween/fall decorations to use that night we would greatly appreciate the help. Decorating/setup will start after school on the 29th.

Check out the teacher pages and blogs! This is a great way to keep our families in the loop!