SPARK GT Newsletter

November 2014

Our MAIN Priority is to Ensure ALL GT Students Receive Specialized Service!

Dear Parent or Guardian,

Spring Independent School District is committed to providing quality and equitable educational programs and opportunities for its gifted and talented students. At a glance, student identified as "GT" at the elementary level, participate in projects and enrichment activities that challenge them both academically and creatively. Based on these projects and enrichment activities, students receive a progress report which rates their performance in the areas of Skill Development, Creativity, Product, and Social Skills. Students are also encouraged to showcase their projects at the campus expo and district expo. At the secondary level, students are serviced through Pre-Advance Placement, Advanced Placement, and Dual Credit Courses. Students in grades K - 8 also participate in pull-out field experiences.

Upcoming Events

  • Parent Notification of Newly Identified GT Students (December 2014)
  • Fall GT District Expo/GT Parent Night (January 22, 2015)
  • Regional GT Parent Summer Session (