Digital Citizenship

Ahmed Elhossamy

The 9 Elements of Digital CitizenShip

The First three Elements

1st: Digital Literacy is the use of electronics for knowledge.

2nd: Digital Etiquette is a set of rules you should follow to make the internet better for others, and better for you.

3rd: Digital Laws is the electronic responsibility for actions which says if something is ethical or unethical.

The second three elements

  1. Digital Rights and responsibilities is having the right and freedom to use all types of technology while using it in an acceptable and appropriate manner.
  2. Digital Commerce is buying things online.
  3. Digital Communication is range from e-mail services to robust interactive websites.

The last three elements

  1. Digital Health and wellness is keeping people away from danger of physical and psychological harm.
  2. Digital Access is allows for full participation in a technological society.
  3. Digital security is locking electronics and creating passwords.