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Information for all

I hope all is well with you and your family. I miss seeing you all. I am doing fine except I am trying to learn new computer skills. You know how much the computer and technology love me!

Below are instructions that pertain to all of you in one way or another. Please ignore that parts that do not concern you.

Math periods 2 and 3

I am suggesting you set aside Monday and Wednesday from 10-11 am for math. You will not need the entire hour. I am breaking your work down like this:

Week 1

Monday: pages 27 and 28

Tuesday: pages 29-31

Week 2:

Monday: pages 32-33

Tuesday: pages 34-35

Pages 36-38 are only if you want to do. Bonus points if you do

ELA Lauer:

This applies to the group who did the book “The Watson’s Go TO Birmingham—1963” with me. You are to do the passages in your packet and ignore anything that comes from Miss Hicks. You know who you are so please follow this. You have 3 readings and an activity page to do. Use the time Miss Hicks has set aside for her class to work on them.

Careers class:

Do not worry about doing anything further. If you wish to complete the Transition portfolio, please email me, but I am not requiring it to finish the course

Work Study:

You are to do the following:

Week 1

Monday-lesson 4, the rest of the week you are to choose 2 chores from the enclosed list and do them. Have your parent sign next to the chore you did as proof you completed the assignments.

Week 2: Monday-lesson 5, the rest of the week you are to choose 2 more chores from the enclosed list and do them. Have your parent sign next to the chore you did as proof you completed the assignments.

IEP Students:

Please use time on Friday from 10-11 to work on your IEP goals and objectives. I have the papers clips together and marked IEP so you know which ones they are.

Finally, I am available through email for any questions. I have also set up a talk to Mrs. Lauer Time on Zoom from 10-11 each Thursday. If you have any questions or just want to say hello, I will be available then. I have sent invitations to this on zoom. The information has been sent to your wildwoodisgreen account.

Stay well my kids!

Mrs. Lauer


Happy April Families - I hope this message finds you well.

As I am sure you are aware by now the Governor has extended our time out of school until May 1 and has clarified that our educational efforts (packets) will be counted in our school year - I know that sounds overwhelming but don't fret we have a plan! Over the last few weeks, we have worked hard to gain as much information and perceptive as to the struggles and successes of learning from home.

Next week from 10:30-12:30 on M, W, F we will be asking families to participate in a drive thru work swap where you will bring us your completed work and we will swap you for your next learning packet that includes explanations from teachers, notes and examples, schedules of online check-ins and opportunities for the arts! Over the next few days we will communicate more of the particulars but for now -finish work in packet 1 if you haven't already !! Any questions please email us at

Be safe and enjoy the SUN !

With gratitude,

Elizabeth Lewin M. Ed

School Leader

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