Automotive Designer

Tesla Motors

Job Description

As an automotive designer, you will brainstorm ideas for the car as a whole or specific components of one of the car's systems. Using principles or art, engineering and business, you will work to create a product that is visually pleasing and functional.

You will also need to keep up with the latest technology in the automotive industry in order to retain a competitive advantage. Once designs go through to production phase, you will also be needed for a certain amount of consulting and oversight.


It is preferred that you have completed a bachelor's degree program related to industrial engineering, mechanical engineering or automotive design. You will need to be familiar with sketching, design software and manufacturing processes. You will also need to develop a strong portfolio of automobile designs.

Salary and Location

Starting salary will be $81,000 and the job is located in Los Angeles, CA.

Professional Organizations

It is preferred but not required that you belong to either SAE or AutoDesignO.