Online Learning

Success Strategies

Success Strategies to Use While Online

The following is a list of things to keep in mind, whether this is one of your first classes here at Bryant & Stratton College or you’re a continuing student.

1) Review Dates

Pay attention to the assignment due date. Start your projects well in advance and do not wait until the last few hours to complete assignments or quizzes. A big part of online classes is time management. Break large projects or assignments into chunks and do a little each day. Do not wait until 11PM Saturday night to try to take your test or quiz. Many projects require more time than you will anticipate; and, computer or Internet related problems are not an excuse for missing a deadline.

2) Plan Carefully

Keep in mind that you are not attending a formal lecture/lab course so all of your learning will take place in Blackboard and through assignments. In a traditional college course, the lecture to study ratio is 2 hours of studying for 1 hour of lecture. Online, you can expect to spend between 6-10 hours each week per online course.


Don’t try to do everything on Friday or Saturday. In order to maximize your learning experience (and to meet the minimum requirements), you need to plan on participating in the graded Discussion topics at least once on three different days - and start your posting before Tuesday in each discussion. If you try to do everything on Friday or Saturday, you will find yourself out of time and experiencing information overload.

4) Read Everything

You won't have all those non-verbal cues that you get in a regular classroom and neither will your instructor. Almost all your information in the online class will come in the form of words. Words on the screen are the primary communication tool between you and your instructor.

5) Participate Frequently

In the online environment, it's not enough to show up! We need to hear your voice to feel your presence! Don’t let too many days go by without participating in the discussions or you may become overwhelmed by the volume of postings.

6) Be Selective

Carefully choose your words. The person who is your classmate or professor today could become your employer or client tomorrow. Once you press send, your words are gone forever. Don’t respond to your classmates (or your instructor) when you are frustrated or angry. Save your text to a separate file, wait a few hours, re-read what you planned to post, and then before you press "submit", ask yourself “Is this really what I want to say?” While you can't anticipate all reactions, do read over what you've written before you send it.

7) Be Patient

As much as I will try to be prompt in answering your questions, I may not always be able to give you an instantaneous response.

8) Be Persistent

If you get stuck while you are working on an assignment, let me know! Post to the Ask Your Instructor Forum and your classmates will probably be able to help! Most problems are easily solved, but you have to let me know that you need help.

9) Create a Backup Plan

Always have a backup plan for completing and submitting your work. Know the hours and location of either the local library or nearest campus computer lab. Also, be sure to save a copy of your work. Print a copy of important messages, course syllabus, and major project guidelines for your files.