Baron de Montesquieu

By: Elyse Lyon

Charles Lee de Secondat

Charles Lee de Secondat was sent to live with his uncle, Baron de Montesquieu, and after his uncle's passing, Charles was eventually given the title of Baron de Montesquieu. He devoted his life to learning more about the peoples' lifestyles and making observational comments about the way people live.

Baron de Montesquieu

Baron de Montesquieu believed that every person should be given the right to vote, but the government that he envisioned would be separated into three different branches. He believed that each branch would have separate, but equal powers over the people of the country would work best.

Three Branches of Government

Baron de Montesquieu's Reasoning Behind the Branches of Government

Baron de Montesquieu was convinced that if one branch of government had too much power, that branch would eventually be corrupted by greed. He was concerned the safety of the People and their rights would be at risk if one branch were to have too much power.

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