Me? A Millionaire?

Tips to becoming a millionaire

Step 1: Think Ahead

Millionaires became millionaires by thinking ahead. They didn't spend money on the name brand clothing or the newest gaming systems. They would be buying books, softwares, and magazines on investing money. 

Step 2: Pay yourself first

Save money for yourself. These people worked extra jobs and saved their money to build up their savings. Always put money aside for yourself and then after a while your savings account will build itself up.

Step 3: Make smart decisions

Most people are impulsive buyers that just see things they want. To think like a millionaire, you have to develop some money making skills. You need to think before you spend, and save where you can.

Step 4: Increase your income

Millionaires make money by constantly looking for new ways to make money. Always be looking for the next million dollar idea. Dont work harder, think harder.