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May 15, 2016

Facultly & Staff Bulletin - Montgomery City Elementary

Together we will guide, encourage, and challenge

our children to become life-long learners.

MCE’s PBIS Principles:

Be Kind! Be Safe! Be Cooperative! Be Respectful! Be Responsible!

We have a busy last week of school. Make sure your day is well planned for success!

It is important that we make the last few days of school meaningful for our students. We don't want to give the impression that learning has stopped. Our students require structure and routine, please ensure that you are following your normal routine as much as possible. Lack of structure and free time will lend itself to misbehavior. Give students plenty of notice about schedule changes, and special events we have planned. We want to have a positive, meaningful last week. We need to plan well to make that happen. Check out the following article for some suggestions.

Learning up to the Very Last Minute

Summer Reading & Math Challenges

Please send home the summer reading and math challenge packets with your students this week. We need to make sure you also give a copy to the grade level above you, so they know what they should be expecting to get at the beginning of the year. We will discuss how we will recognize those who complete the challenges at our faculty meeting on Friday.

Reflection as a tool to plan for next year.

I encourage you to take time to reflect on this year. Make note of the positive things you want to remember, the strategies and techniques that worked well for you, what you did to communicate with your most difficult students, what you are most excited about, what you look forward to next year, etc.

20 Teacher End of the Year Reflection Questions from Minds In Bloom

Last week, I posted 20 End of the Year Reflection Questions for Students. This week, the focus is on teachers. Here are 20 questions to ask yourself about your school year. Some of these would also make good discussion questions for a staff debriefing or for student teachers/interns.

  1. What are some things you accomplished this year that you are proud of?

  2. What is something you tried in your classroom this year for the first time? How did it go?

  3. What is something you found particularly frustrating this year?

  4. Which student in your class do you think showed the most improvement? Why do you think this student did so well?

  5. What is something you would change about this year if you could?

  6. What is one way that you grew professionally this year?

  7. Who amongst your colleagues was the most helpful to you?

  8. What has caused you the most stress this year?

  9. When was a time this year when you felt joyful and/or inspired about the work that you do?

  10. What do you hope your students remember most about you as a teacher?

  11. In what ways were you helpful to your colleagues this year?

  12. What was the most valuable thing you learned this year?

  13. What was the biggest mistake you made this year? How can you avoid making the same mistake in the future?

  14. What is something you did this year that went better than you thought it would?

  15. What part of the school day is your favorite? Why?

  16. What were your biggest organizational challenges this year?

  17. Who was your most challenging student? Why?

  18. In what ways did you change the lives of your students this year?

  19. Pretend that you get to set your own salary for this past year based on the job that you did. How much do you feel that you earned (the number you come up with should be in no way based on your current salary – rather, come up with a number that truly reflects how you should be compensated for your work this year)?

  20. Knowing what you know now, would you still choose to be a teacher if you could go back in time and make the choice again? If the answer is “no,” is there a way for you to choose a different path now?

The Science of Happiness!

As we prepare for the end of the school year, I hope you take some time this summer to relax and refresh. Here is a great video on the Science of Happiness!
An Experiment in Gratitude | The Science of Happiness

Important Notes:

  1. Field Day will be Tuesday, May 17th - Keep your fingers crossed for good weather! IF it rains, we will cancel field day and have a "normal day" with some PE fun during specials only.
  2. Tuesday, May 17th - 5th grade recognition at 6 pm.
  3. Wednesday, May 18th will be our Math Facts Water Challenges, all students who have mastered their math facts will get to play.
  4. Wednesday, May 18th is our PBIS skating party - Amy Davis will get you the schedule for the day.
  5. Wednesday, May 18th will be 4th grade's wax museum.
  6. Thursday, May 19th we will host our last monthly assembly, PTO will have Cotton Candy for our last Fun Day.
  7. We will have our annual Talent Show at 1:30pm- Any faculty & staff wanting to share a talent with our students in encouraged!! Talk with Laura & Amy N.
  8. May 20th is our last work day this school year. Our hours are 9am-3pm. You must check out with me before you may sign out for the summer. I will provide the pizza for our carry in luncheon. We will have a faculty meeting to plan for next year at 10:00 am.
  9. Our faculty end of year celebration will follow our work day at the beautiful Cedar Lake, 11008 Schreckengast Rd, Wright City, MO 63390
  10. The 2016-17 school year begins with teacher work days on August 3rd. Our 1st day will be our district meetings at the high school.
  11. We will be getting district t-shirts again next year for our PD Days. I will need your t-shirt size when you check out with me on Friday!

MSTA Reading Circle Certificates

As we begin planning for the end of the year, you may want to refresh the requirements to receive a Reading Circle Certificate. Click here to read the policies and procedures.

Please help a fellow educator

We have been asked to help a fellow educator with her dissertation. She asks that each of our certified staff take her 30 question survey (5 minutes) that will provide feedback concerning our building culture. The data would be good to use as we plan for next year. I encourage you to take the survey!


(but allows me to score your school as a whole)


LINK TO THE SURVEY (around 30 Likert style questions about your school as a whole)

Summer PD Opportunity - FYI

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Request for Leave forms:

You must complete a request for leave form anytime you are going to need a substitute. This includes approved school business. This form ensures we have subs when they are needed, and that you are documented correctly. If you call in sick, you must complete this paperwork when you return. We appreciate your help ensuring the paperwork is completed in timely manner.

End of Year Checkout List - Click here

I have started a draft of our end of year checkout list. These items must be taken care of before you check out on May 20th with me. Thanks!

Check-in with your Accountability Partner

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Happy May Birthdays!

May 1 - Corey Blackburn

May 3 - Megan Bote

May 5 - Liz Knapp

May 9 - Sara Schulze

May 10 - Carla Parker & Janet Hammond

May 12 - Sheri Betke