The Cure

We will not be labeled; The Cure plays The Cure.

Um...ya, that depressing looking band; what is it? Goth?

No, emphatically no.

The Cure, has fought that label for years. An Alternative Rock Band is the prefered label if you must label them. If you truly know the band; you'd understand why you can't label The Cure. They go from melancholy to upbeat pop; quicker than you can blink. Each song is different; its only connection is the deep song lyrics filled with the literary talents of Robert Smith and Crew.

The Cure came from humble origins; and it is nearly impossible to count the members over the years. And yet; there has always been constants, Robert Smith and Simon Gallup. It all started in Crawley Sussex in 1973. There in Notre Dame Middle School, the band which included, Robert Smith, Lawerence Tolhurst, and Micheal Dempsey began their debut. Where they continued to expand on their talents and in January 1977, four years later, the band changed their dynamics and renamed themselves, The Easy Cure.

Under their new label, they won a talent competition for a German company, Hansa Label. This should have been an exciting time for the band; but unfortunately, Hansa was trying to force them into being a boy teen band with no talent and no soul. As, Robert Smith later recalled, "We were very young. They just thought they could turn us into a teen group. They actually wanted us to do cover versions and we always refused."

After numerous disagreements on how the band's direction, they dissolved the contract in 1978. Shortly after they lost a few members; and the offical band, The Cure was born, with its signature trio, Dempsey, Smith, and Tolhurst.

They quickly released several popular Albums. Boys Don't Cry, Pornography and Seventeen Seconds which were extemely popular in the UK but the band had not quite reached their neighbors across the seas; the U.S. This changed however; when the band lost Dempsey. After numerous disagreements with Robert Smith on how the band should go, he left, being replaced with Smith's soon to be right hand man, Simon Gallup.

With Gallup's assisatance, the band reached America, scoring in the top 40 ranked albums as number 35, with the album, Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me. They had made it to Platinum! Their next single, "Why Can't I Be You" helped build up their popularity even more for their next great hit, "Just Like Heaven".

They had shrugged off a lot of their Goth image with their new hits in America, but it returned shortly thereafter with their next album, Disintegration. It was a hit; but unfortunately, it was time for the band to loose another member. Tolhurst who had been suffering with alchol issues was finally ejected from the band; leaving Smith to be the last remaing orginal member. Shortly thereafter, they gained another talented musician, Roger O'Donnel.

The band rose and fell in popularity over the years; and as their want, gained and lost many talented musicians over the years. Nevertheless, with Smith at the head; the band kept their air of orginality and dark atmosphere. Despite, Smith constantly predicting the end of the band with his Album, Wild Mood Swings and tried to end the band with a serious tone. Thankfully, the band never did disband, and continue to play into the 2013's having a concert scheduled at Lollapalooza.

Musical Influences

The Cure, has always been a band that defied labels and styles. They have tried hard not to be influcenced by other bands; striving to be true to themselves and wholly orginal. Unless they played what they wanted, and wrote what was on their minds, they were unhappy.

They have noted that they were influenced by such bands as the: The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix and many more.

They have also influenced many other top bands such as: Interpol, The Rapture, One Republic, My Chemical Romance and many more. Their influence defies the years; and has been the inspiration for dozens of bands.

The Band

Robert Smith

21 April 1959, Blackpool, England.

Robert Smith was a guitarist and a pianist. He orginally wanted to play piano, but his sister, Janet was such a prodigy that he quit in a sibling rivarly. He soon devoted himself to playing the guitar; even though he didn't recieve much formal training, he quickly became quite the player. He later admitted suprise when he became the lead vocalist as he had never really took the time to develop his voice. He also plays the bass guitar and the cello.

Simon Gallup

1 June 1960, Surrey England.

Simon Gallup plays: bass guitar, keyboards, vocals, and guitar. He is often referred to as; Robert Smith's right hand man.

Which makes it even more interesting; when he left the band for a short while. After engaging in a fist fight at a local bar with Smith; he left and formed his own band, The Cry which was later changed to Fools Dance. They released two hit singles before he accepted, Robert Smith's offer to return to The Cure.

Gibson Thunderbird
Fender Precision Bass
Fender Jazz Bass
Epiphone Jack Casady Bass

Are some notable instruments that he has played.

Roger O'Donnell

(1955-10-29) 29 October 1955, London, England.

He played the: keyboards and synthesizer for the band.

He also; formed a label to sign otherwise unsignable artists in the genre of elcectronic and is called 99 times out of 10.

Jason Cooper

(1967-01-31) 31 January 1967, London England

He played the drums for the band.

Outside of the band; he co-produced a horror/thriller called, From Within which one an award for best Orginal Score for the 2008 Solstice Film Festival.

Reeves Gabrels

June 4, 1956, New York, New York, United States.

Reeves Gabrels is associated with dozens of bands; and has co-collaborated with notable names such as David Bowie for dozens of years.

He does guitar and vocals for The Cure starting in 2012 and continuing in 2013.

"Just Like Heaven", The Americans take a doss of The Cure.

"Just like Heaven", a song that was not quite number one in terms of hits; but its impact for The Cure was astronomical.

Robert Smith; our dedicated songwriter had to get ready for his next album, Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me forced himself to write music for 15 days each month in preparation for their next album; it was then, he had the inspiration for the song, "Just Like Heaven".

The song, was played in A-major following a A-E-Bm-D chord progression that repeats continously throughout the song. Despite have rather deep lyrics, the Americans ate it up shouting that finally the depressed Robert Smith could actually play 'happy' lyrics.

It was an American breakhrough, and its impact can not be negated. "Just Like Heaven", is the song that nearly every Amercian knows from the cure. It ushered in an age, where The Cure was no longer this dark and depressing band, but a band that could play some serious peppy 'pop' music.

The Cure - Just like heaven (subtitulado)✔

"A Night Like This"

I love this song; I can't explain why, it's just beautiful. Here are the lyrics:

Say goodbye on a night like this
If it's the last thing we ever do
You never looked as lost as this
Sometimes it doesn't even look like you
It goes dark
It goes darker still
Please stay
But I watch you like I'm made of stone
As you walk away

I'm coming to find you if it takes me all night
A witch hunt for another girl
For always and ever is always for you
Your trust
The most gorgeously stupid thing I ever cut in the world

Say hello on a day like today
Say it everytime you move
The way that you look at me now
Makes me wish I was you
It goes deep
It goes deeper still
This touch
And the smile and the shake of your head

I'm coming to find you if it takes me all night
Can't stand here like this anymore
For always and ever is always for you
I want it to be perfect
Like before
I want to change it all

I want to change

This song; while it doesn't meant 'anything to me' it means a lot. It's yearning, but also tired, a toss up between searching endlessly, and giving up at the same time.

The Cure A Night Like This Official Video

The Cure- and it's influences.

The Cure is an amazing band with a talented song writer. Unbelievably, they finally grew as a band as they gave up trying to 'imitate' other bands. They took inspiration from the great, Beatles and other notable bands; but they never became themselves until they cast them aside and played the music that made The Cure, The Cure.

Hat's off for their orginal type of music and for not selling out for easy money!