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October 2014 - 31 Little Byrdies SuccessLine

Hi - I haven't fallen off the face of the earth!

I know this is beyond late and it is what it is. I am still in the midst of things at home that require much of my attention but please know that you are not off on my radar - in fact you are ON! This fall selling season has been powerful and what I love most is the community that I see you building among yourselves online! I ask that if you pray, to be in prayer for my family and know that we are not in any danger!

Please know that I am always available to chat, text or email and talk about your business or anything else you'd like! All it takes is for you to reach out to me! 843.845.2586


Total Sales - $73,171.00
Gen ) Sales - $40.701.00
Total Parties -
Total Recruits -


Karla Joseph

Shae Holmes

Karie Matteson

Suzanne Little

Jody Black

Kendra Hulin

Amy Berrier

Jennifer Magers

Stacey Harper

Newly Qualified Consultants

Suzanne Little

Jody Black

Kendra Hulin

Amy Berrier

Jessica Maloy

Erin McCray

Kari Peterson

Michelle Harrison


Mandy Vipperman (4 RECRUITS!)

Kirsten Fairfax


Jennifer Goonan

Amie Mascara

Tina Rhine

Top Consultant Personal Volume

Top 50

Meredith Dalton $2,720.50

Jessica Sportsman $2,412.50

Sandra Wix $2,154.50

Mandy Vipperman $2,018.50

Jessica Maloy $1,839.00

Lynette Lutter $1,709.50

shannon Gomes $1,619.00

Megan Whitted $1,482.00

Karmen Garretson $1,333.50

Lynette Kropf $1,333.50

Jennifer Goonan $1,226.50

Jennifer Arambulo $1,200.00

Cathy Cloes $1,159.00

Evelyn Bartlett $1,103.00

Katie Taylor $1,091.00

Amy Stein $1,028.50

Nadine Gazzola $1,026.50

Stephanie Henderson $1,003.50

Michelle McGarity $1,001.50

Suzanne Little $1,000.00

Jody Black $1,000.00

Kendra Hulin $1,000.00

Amy Berrier $1,000.00

Kirsten Fairfax $999.50

Tara Barrett $932.00

stacey harper $928.00

Sonda Kinnaird $903.50

Kimberly Wendt $887.50

Missy Nedbalek $872.00

Ashley Knoll $867.00

Laurie Corbett $843.50

Marlene Dixon $813.00

Kaci Ard $811.50

Stephanie Moore $778.50

Lindsay Panciera $762.00

Erin McCray $749.50

Amy Glisczinski $739.50

Shenifa Meacham $710.00

Alicia McCagg $708.50


Amber Rawlings $701.00

Amie Mascara $678.50

Samantha Hawn $664.00

Valerie Jones $653.50

Lisa Watts $625.50

Elizabeth Bergen $622.50

Miriam Hayes $600.50

Erica Kleckler $582.50

Look WHO'S Partying

Sandra Wix 4

Mandy Vipperman 4

Missy Nedbalek 4

Jessica Maloy 3

shannon Gomes 3

Jennifer Goonan 3

Evelyn Bartlett 3

Nadine Gazzola 3

Ashley Knoll 3

Meredith Dalton 2

Jessica Sportsman 2

Lynette Lutter 2

Megan Whitted 2

Cathy Cloes 2

Katie Taylor 2

Amy Stein 2

Kirsten Fairfax 2

Tara Barrett 2

Sonda Kinnaird 2

Kimberly Wendt 2

Marlene Dixon 2

Kaci Ard 2

Stephanie Moore 2

Lindsay Panciera 2

Amber Rawlings 2

Amie Mascara 2

Samantha Hawn 2

Erica Kleckler 2

Nora Halsey 2

Shannon Williams 2

Mary "Patti" New 2

Teresa Slosser 2


DIQ (Director In Qualification

Katie Taylor
Mandy Vipperman

What is DIQ? These ladies have (at least) 4 personally enrolled, qualified and active consultants, sold $1000 in PV in October and had team sales of at least $4000 in October . To promote to Director, they have to meet the same qualifications in November (wink wink!! - I already know what they did!)

and finally - Krista's Stats

Personal Volume $3525.50
Parties - 5
Recruits - 0

Have a great week ladies!

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