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History of Tobacco Consumption, and Drug Abuse

What are the past and present influences of tobacco?

The Past of Tobacco

1611 by colonist John Rolfe (1585–1622). Within seven years it had become the colony's leading export. By the 1630s about 1.5 million pounds were sold per year, helping sustain struggling New World settlements. Tobacco became an important cash crop, though during the nineteenth century it was increasingly dwarfed by cotton. After the Civil War (1861–65) and the abolition of slavery, most tobacco was grown by small, independent family-owned farms.

Impacts of Tobacco in early colonies

Virginia's and Tennessee's economic future did not lie with gold. There was too little gold to be found there. Looking for new ways to make its investments pay dividends, the Virginia Company of London began encouraging multiple ventures by 1618.

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The Latest Top Cigarettes of 2015-16

The top Cigarette companies include Marlboro, Camel, Parliament, Davidoff, and Dunhil.

The Top 5 Largest International Tobacco Companies

Company $

Profit $

Revenue %

China National Tobacco Co.

$16.0 billion

$91.7 billion


Philip Morris International Inc
(Altria Group Inc)

$7.5 billion

$67.7 billion


Japan Tobacco International

$1.5 billion

$65.9 billion


British American Tobacco

$4.2 billion

$58.1 billion


Imperial Tobacco Group

$2.0 billion

$38.4 billion