Native American

By: Rhianna Heagy


  • 1600's
  • Had to go through rivers and lakes to grt to land
  • Montagnais, Huson, Algonqhin
  • Good relations, trated fur, everything was fair,a french and idian race


  • 1600's
  • it was harsh contitions and most did not adapt
  • Powhatan,nanricoke, piscataway
  • it was first peacful then went bad because english kept taking their land


  • 1600's
  • good land cost lots of fighting
  • Timbos, Aztec
  • the relationship was good at first but because they kept taking land it quikly went bad


  • The French had the most favorable relations with the native americans, they stayed peacful and also kept respect.
  • the English relationship was alright it was in between and pretty rocky most of the time.
  • The spanish was the most disrespectful ut of the three, they didnt care that the natives where there first they just wanted the land, no matter how they got it.