Notes and News

Sept. 23, 2014

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This Class ROCKS!

As I was reviewing the gradebook and various assignments, I realized that we have
  • a record number of students with 90% or better
  • a record number of students with 80% or better
  • the essays are high quality
  • fewer than ever missed assignments
  • Adobe attendance is up

This class rocks! Keep up the outstanding work!
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This Friday is a Deadline!

Remember to complete and submit all assignments from the Sept 15- Sept 26 marking period by midnight. Late penalties begin after midnight.

Outstanding work!

Riddle by Tyler D.

I'm born from the ground and wilt away with age.

Tall, wide, and sometimes broken.

Without me oxygen would be hard to find.

A history maker and a story teller I've been on Earth as long as man.

With the varying seasons I take on a different appearance.

When covered in a Winters-Blanket, I become very weak.

You climb all around sometimes swing if you like.

During the night you might find a Head-Twister sitting on my arm.

The house you live in was built from my brothers and sisters.

Anywhere you go you will find me.

And I will always be around until the end of time.

Adobe Lesson

Tuesday, Sep. 23rd, 6pm

This is an online event.

This week's lesson is on grammar and composition. Last week we covered thesis statements and the opening paragraph.

Our weekly Adobe lessons are on Tuesdays at 6:00 PM. If you can't attend the live lesson, be sure to watch the recordings (located under LINKS on the course homepage). If you attend the live lesson, you may earn optional credit. To earn optional credit for viewing the recording, you have to view the recording and take detailed notes. Submit the notes to the appropriate Dropbox by the first Friday following the Adobe lesson. All optional credit is given after the final exams. This is your chance to get extra points each week.