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Sunny Days Ahead

Believe it or not, there are sunny days ahead. This is an exciting time for Gordon Parks High School students. We're about a month away from graduation. Our graduating seniors are now completing their final credits. We're also beginning a new FLEX Friday cycle, and will be taking advantage of the warm weather for outdoor learning.

Mark your calendars for a Midway Peace Park event on May 26th. More info forthcoming!

College and Resource Fair Day, Tuesday, April 26, 2022

College and Resource Fair Day, Tuesday, April 26, 2022 at Gordon Parks High School. Mark your calendar!
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Congratulations to GPHS Artists

Join us in celebrating Gordon Parks High School students whose artwork was showcased in the 2022 Saint Paul Public Schools Honors Art Show.
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"Mountain Landscape" by Olivia

Artist Statement: The process of doing this painting was a bit challenging because I wanted it to look realistic. Doing this painting made me feel at peace because it was a landscape of nature and I love nature. The challenge I had while making this was trying to blend the colors, especially the mountains. It took a lot of time. I struggled trying to get the right shades of blue which was hard because there were a lot of different shades. I think seeing the end result was a good feeling because it just all came together and to me it came out better than I expected but the think I felt really good about is the quality of the shading on the mountains. That's the one thing I'm most proud of in my painting.

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"Ocean Scene" by Ruqayyah

Artist Statement: My art tells the story of peace. What I discovered is that even the smallest thing is still important in creating and completing the work. Also, I learned that I enjoy painting with watercolor. This painting is important to me because I feel that I captured a relaxing scene.
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"Locs" by Jazmin

Artist Statement: For me I would say the story my art tells is about a girl who looks happy but is actually fighting her demons inside her head. The only way you can really tell is by looking into her eyes and seeing how hurt she really is. One thing I discovered about my art is that you can capture the good and bad features about someone in a portrait. This artwork is important because this is my first time doing a portrait of myself and if I do say so myself it's pretty darn good.


The following students have been nominated by GPHS teachers for their dedication to learning during the month of March.

Nominated by Mr. Abdella-Science

Aaron- Excellence in Chemistry

Phao- Academic Excellence in Chemistry

Dorian- Academic Excellence in Biology

Olivia- Academic Excellence in Biology

Ad'Janay- Academic Excellence in Biology

Emilio- Superior Bridge in Physical Science

Isaiah- Superior Bridge in Physical Science

Wah- Superior Bridge in Physical Science

Nominated by Ms. Fountain-Social Work

Treasure- Perseverance

Tierra- Academic Excellence

Nominated by Mr. Hagg-English

Za'Cariel- Academic Excellence

Jerrell- Academic Excellence

Tint- Academic Excellence

Hsar- Academic Excellence

Aquil- Academic Excellence

Adjanay- Academic Excellence

Nominated by Mr. Kennedy-School Counseling

Joseph- Creative, Inspiring, and Dedicated

Nathan- Persistence, Motivation, and a desire to be an agent of change

Isis- Academic Success and Determination

Emilio- Academic Success and Determination

Keith- Academic Success and Positive Attitude

Sadiq- Recent graduate

Mario- Outstanding Attendance and Motivation

Aaron- Academic Success and Attendance

Jerrell- Positive Attitude, Academic Success, and Attendance

Lily- Persistence

Nominated by Mr. Miller-Art

Emilio- Outstanding Achievement in Visual Arts

Ruqayyah- Outstanding Achievement in Visual Arts

Nominated by Mrs. Tomlin-English

Jacob- Contributions to Class, Academic Excellence, and Kindness

Mario- Academic Excellence and Overall Positive Attitude/Kindness

Joseph- Perseverance, Hard Worker and Supportive of Peers

Emilio- Empathy for Others, Motivation to Learn, and Exploring Academic/Credit Earning Opportunities

Ramona- Overall Positive Attitude and Active Participation in Class and with Ms. Robin Hickman Winfield's TPT Production, "Don't Believe the Hype"

Isis- Overall Positive Attitude and Active Participation in Class and with Ms. Robin Hickman Winfield's TPT Production, "Don't Believe the Hype"

Treasure- Academic Achievement, Kindness, and Creative Writer for her Poetry

Aquil- Outstanding Job Facilitating the Q & A session of the Parks Play in Gym

Nominated by Ms. Wikre-FACS

Arnold- Academic Excellence

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Earth Day Cleanup at GPHS on Friday 4/22, 12:30-1:00PM

2022 PROM May 6th

Set your sights on the Gordon Parks 2022 Prom on May 6th. After a couple years of COVID, it will be great to see everyone enjoying each others company at Prom.



Gordon Parks Teachers & Community Partners are organizing FLEX FRIDAY project offerings for Q4. These popular projects are a way to earn additional credit, on top of the credits earned in our Monday-Thursday classes. GPHS students enjoy these projects because they are fun, engaging, hands on and are an alternative way to step closer toward graduation.


Create unique designs by making your own books. Learn to bind books using different binding techniques. Discover image transfer methods that allow you to add images into your books. Credit Area: Visual Art

Teacher: Kent Miller

Friendly Math

We will learn personal finance, consumer math and Algebra 1.

Credit Area: Algebra 1

Teacher: Anupma Sharma

Images of War

This project will explore through film and photography major conflicts in US History. (WWII,

Vietnam War, WWI, Iraq War, Afghanistan War) Students will be engaged in assessing the social,

political, psychological and human aspects of US wars. We will look at how US wars past and

present have unified and divided our country and influenced the world. Finally we will explore the

multiple ways these wars have affected soldiers, their families and civilians.

Credit Areas: US/World History or Human Geography

Teacher: Tom Davies

Landscaping & Construction

Students will be engaged in a hands-on project around landscape design and creating a pollinator

garden. Later in the Quarter they will work with other schools to build end walls for the greenhouse.

Credit Areas: CTE, Algebra 1 or Geometry

Teachers: K. Warner & B. Zangs

One-Year Anniversary of Midway Peace Park

Organization & production of activities for the May 26 Midway Peace Park event.

Credit Area: ELA

Teachers: J. Tomlin, P. Creager, M. Cavanaugh & K. Rogers

ReCycle, UpCycle, ReFashion

This is an opportunity for students to use their creativity to remake or refashion clothing,

furniture and cardboard boxes.

Credit Area: CTE

Teacher: Sharon Stone

Solar Astronomy

Students will be engaged in looking directly into the sun with a Coronado Solarmax telescope!

Students will be able to make solar observations from 150X to 300X magnification using this

technology. In addition to solar observations students will have the opportunity to photograph the

sun and digitally enhance their image using the program Gimp. Other topics that will be covered

include, the physics of telescopes, light, and the life cycle of our sun. Mathematics will also be

integrated into the course.

Credit Areas: Physical Science, Geometry or Algebra 2

Teachers: Joel Abdella & Marty Gaslin

Sports and Society

What do you know about Jackie Robinson or Althea Gibson? What about Muhammad Ali? They

are not just athletes, but larger than life icons in American culture. Students will explore through

film how our understanding of sport is shaped by social and historical contexts. Students will also

critically assess the relationship of sports to issues of race, equity, and identity.

**Prerequisite: Must Need a Phy Ed credit or Teacher Approval**

Credit Areas: Phy Ed, US History or Human Geography

Teachers: Mike Bednar & Ted Johnson

Writers Workshop / Art Studio / Chess Club

Students will have plenty of PBL time to work on creative writing or art projects of their choosing.

Guest writers and artists will visit. A Chess Club component will be offered.

Credit Areas: English, Art, or Elective

Teacher: Jamie Hagg

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MCA Tests Coming Up Soon

Heads up!

We have MCA testing right around the corner.

Juniors will be doing the MCA Math test. For those few students in need of Science testing, those tests will occur in early May.

What is the MCA? The Minnesota Comprehensive Assessments (MCA) are state tests in reading, mathematics, and science that are used to meet federal and state legislative requirements.

GP RECONNECT: An incentive program for students who have stopped participating in school

We want you to reconnect with Gordon Parks High School. We can help you get back on track toward graduation. To encourage you, we are offering a $25 Target Gift Card for students who complete these three GP Reconnect steps:

1) Contact your counselor to update your Graduation Plan and get a schedule.

2) Upon receiving your schedule, reach out to all your teachers.

3) After connecting with all your teachers, complete just one full week of school.

Based on completion of these criteria, you will receive a $25 Target Gift Card! (limited to one).

And new this year, is our Sustain Momentum incentive. If you return to school and "sustain momentum" you can continue earning incentives till you qualify Credit Program Incentives!

GPHS Credit Earning Incentives

We want you to stay on track toward graduation. To encourage you, we are offering incentives based on the number of credits you earn in each 3-week grading cycle.

1-2 classes (or 14-28% of your classes): $5 Target Gift Card

3-4 classes (or 29-50% of your classes): $10 Target Gift Card

5-6 classes (or 51-99% of your classes): $25 Target Gift Card

Honor Roll (100% of your classes): $50 Gift Card

You can earn these incentives each 3-week cycle till the end of the 2022 school year!

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Hey Students- If you want to see if you qualify to earn Work Experience elective credits, it's simple: "Talk to your counselor." After meeting with your counselor you will be connected with one of our work experience coordinators to learn more.
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Do you need a virtual meeting with your School Social Worker, Ms. Fountain? Click on the link and schedule a time that works for you.