Paper Towns

By: John Green


Paper Towns is my all-time, favorite, 5 star book. This book was another masterpiece by John Green. The once character that caught my eye was Margo. She was Quintin's neighbor, old best friend, and first love. Margo is a rebellious, adventurous, gorgeous and independent free spirit that takes Q on a journey. The two go out in the middle of the night, traveling across the city of Orlando. They sneak into Sea World, jump fences, abide by the laws and run from authority. Through out this journey, Q is trying to figure out who the innocent little girl he once knew grew up to be.

The theme of this book is to live your life with no regrets. The best memories made aren't from the nights you stayed at home and watched tv. There is just something about Paper Towns that leaves you thinking about who we are as people, who we want to be, and how we see people.

Paper Towns Book Trailer