Lakota Preschool Daily Memo

By: Kelly Miller


Team Planning Worksheets for Transition-
Due to Shana or Briana by Friday
ELA- Any students starting this week, including tomorrow, must be assessed on the ELA. Just a reminder that fall results are recorded on paper only! Please submit a copy of your ELA results to me! Thanks in advance for all of your hard work!

Photos & Biography-
I'm loving getting to know you and your family better. Please keep sending your photos and biography for our staff meeting. I plan on finalizing the video by Wednesday, Nov. 18th, so please submit by then! Thanks in advance!

Open Enrollment-
Open enrollment has begun for employees that have insurance through BCESC. It closes November 23rd.

Weekly Schedule:

Kelly at BCESC in a.m. for in-service
Kelly at Creekside in p.m.
Stephanie at Creekside all-day for ETR meetings
Preschool Literacy Night Event- 6:30-8pm at Creekside
*Head Start Time sheet staff submit time sheets and Request for Leave forms by noon!*

Kelly at Creekside for Post-Conference meetings/CLASS reviews
Kelly at Liberty in p.m.
Stephanie at Creekside in a.m. for IEP's
ECO support meeting at Creekside from 3-4pm
Stephanie out of building in p.m. for meeting at Clinton-Massie


Shout-out from Theresa Brock to the Shawnee staff and students for excellent behavior during the Magician assembly. You SHINED!


Merry Rush- Sherryl Sommer
Floating AT- no coverage
Liz Osborn- p.m. (no coverage needed)
Deb Murray- no coverage needed
Angela Colwell- no coverage needed
Lauren Brock- p.m. -no coverage

Floating IA- no coverage

Cindy Cullen- no coverage needed


Ines Tomes


Start looking at your Friday's in December. If you have availability, this would be a great time to observe a Kindergarten classroom in your building to assist with writing Kindergarten goals for transition. If you would like to observe, please let us know and we'll arrange it.