WCPS Student Vaccination

April 14, 2021

Meritus Health is making 1,000 doses of the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine available to Washington County Public Schools (WCPS) students ages 16 and older. This allotment will be divided equally among all WCPS high schools based on student enrollment in the specified age range. WCPS is working with families to have students vaccinated during the school day if a parent or legal guardian provides written and verbal permission.

This communication will provide general information about student vaccinations for children 16 and older. Look for more information from your child’s school to make a vaccination appointment.

How do I give permission for my child to be vaccinated?

Parents and guardians will need to complete the Meritus Health consent forms linked below.

Parents can download, print, and sign the forms, or students can bring home hard copies for families to complete and bring to the vaccination appointment.

When will the vaccine be offered? How do I make an appointment?

Students with consent will be vaccinated at Meritus’s Robinwood vaccination clinic. Each school will be assigned a specific day according to the following schedule:

  • Friday, April 16 - North Hagerstown High School

  • Monday, April 19 - South Hagerstown High School

  • Tuesday, April 20 - Barbara Ingram School for the Arts and Williamsport High School

  • Wednesday, April 21 - Antietam Academy, Boonsboro High School, and Hancock Middle-Senior High School

  • Thursday, April 22 - Clear Spring High School and Smithsburg High School

  • Friday, April 23 - Washington County Technical High School and Marshall Street/Job Development Program

Appointments can be scheduled between 8:30 a.m. - 3:45 p.m. Students will not be penalized for missing part of the school day during their appointment time, but they will need to make up any missed work.

Look for more information from your child’s school that will have details about how to sign up for an appointment time. Each school will have a unique link to make appointments.

How will my child get to the vaccination clinic?

Parents and guardians will need to provide consent for one of the following transportation options for the student to travel from school to the Robinwood clinic and back to school:

  1. The student will ride a WCPS bus (available only for appointments between 9:30 a.m. - 12:45 p.m.).

  2. A parent or guardian will take responsibility to get the student to the clinic and back to school.

WCPS advises against students carpooling to vaccination appointments.

Do I need to attend the vaccination appointment with my child?

No, parents do not need to be present at the appointment. However, a parent or guardian must be reachable by phone throughout the vaccination appointment. Meritus staff will contact the parent by phone to receive verbal consent at the beginning of the appointment. If a parent cannot be reached by phone, the appointment will be cancelled.

A parent would also need to be reached to consent for medical care in the event that a student has a reaction to the vaccine and would require medical treatment.

What does my child need to bring to the appointment?

Students should bring identification that includes their date of birth and the Meritus consent form signed by a parent or legal guardian. Students should also bring their insurance card if they have one.

The vaccine is provided for free regardless of insurance coverage. Insurance will not be charged for the vaccine.

What vaccine will my child receive?

WCPS students will receive the Pfizer vaccine. This vaccine is a two-dose therapy. A second appointment will be scheduled by Meritus staff during registration on the day of the first vaccination. The appointment will be at the same time as the first, just 21 days later. WCPS will offer the same transport options for the dates of the second dose.

Again, look for more information from your child’s school to make a vaccination appointment.