Dangerous Places

By: Trey O'Neill, Bailey Schmitz, Jake Hansen, Ethan Klein


These are four of the most dangerous places on the earth, even though they may be beautiful and colorful. It’s not always what's on the outside, sometimes It’s what's on the inside. What's dangerous on the inside is tectonic activity, because it can cause huge disasters. Earthquakes can happen from a high tectonic activity. There are aftereffects of earthquakes, like tsunamis that can be just as dangerous and destructive.

Tokyo Japan ( Trey O'Neill)

Why do people live in Tokyo, Japan

People live in Tokyo because it is a majestic and colorful country and it has many attractions. Most people live there because of all the things you can see like temples and all the different beautiful wildlife. A lot of the wildlife there is if full of colors and it is beautiful. Another reason why people people live there is because they have one of the best fashion chains in the world, also in their festivals that they have great firework shows with new fireworks. Tokyo is one of the cleanest cities in the world because people rarely litter and when people see litter they pick it up and recycle it.

Tectonic Activity in Tokyo Japan

Tokyo Japan is on a convergent boundary with suduction zones which cause a lot of earthquakes. In Tokyo haven't had an earthquake under 7.0 for over 100 years the Philippine tectonic plate goes at Japan and the Eurasian plate and it goes back the Philippine plate. When it does one plate has to go another and when it does the rock catch each other causing them to shake. Earthquakes happen about every other week.


On December 31st 1703 Japan By an earthquake which measured 8.0. In that earthquake most of the wood building fell down, and the aftermath effect like floods and fires killed about 150,000 people. Another earthquake that hit Tokyo Japan was in 1855 killing 16 to 20 thousand people. In 1923, September 1st, another earthquake hit Tokyo, also known as the Great Kanto earthquake. During that earthquake more than 99,000 people died by the collapse of buildings, a 10-12 meter high tsunami, and fires. Also 40,000 victims bodies were never found from all the destruction.

Anchorage Alaska (Bailey Schmitz)

Why do people live in Anchorage Alaska?

People live in Alaska because there are many beautiful attractions. Alaska is a hunters paradise because there are many wild game animals to hunt. Also there are hinting guides that will help you find the perfect animal for you. There are also beautiful national parks to visit. While at the parks you are likely to see many majestic animals, such as grizzly bears, moose, caribou, dall sheep, and wolves. Also there are magnificent lakes, rivers, geologic formations, and tundra landscape to see.

Tectonic Plates

Alaska is the most tectonically active region in the United States. Many land forms are created by tectonic plates. A couple are volcanoes and mountains. They created by earthquakes when the two plates push together and one finally slips upward and one goes downward. Alaska is at the receiving end of the pacific plate as it slides past southeast Alaska and collides directly with the North American plate. Then it goes across south central Alaska and along the whole length of the Aleutian island chain. The building up of tectonic stresses at depth going along the boundaries and then going into shallower crust is the reason why Alaska has high earthquake activity. The shallower crust is a part of southern Alaska.

Why is Alaska dangerous?

Alaska is dangerous because it is the most tectonically active region in the United States. Also the largest earthquake in Alaska was a 9.2 magnitude. It is the most powerful earthquake in the history of the United States. It is the second largest earthquake ever recorded. During the Great Alaskan earthquake 123 people died and there was 300 to 400 million dollars in property damage.

Los Angeles, California (Jacob Hansen)

Why do people live there?

Why do people want to live in Los Angeles, California? The population of Los Angeles, California is 3.858 million people. Why would people want to live in this crowded potentially dangerous city? Diversity, people are open minded. Many jobs, there is something for everyone. It is warm. Cities by Los Angeles to go and tour. Good fresh food.

Tectonic Activity

The San Andreas Fault in California is an active transform boundary. The Pacific Plate is carrying the city of Los Angeles, is moving northwards with respect to the North American Plate. Possibly the most dangerous transform boundary in the world is the San Andreas Fault. The slice of California to the west of the Fault is slowly moving north relative to the rest of California. Since motion along the Fault is sideways and not vertical, Los Angeles will not crack off and fall into the ocean, but it will creep closer to San Francisco about 6 centimeters per year. In about ten million years the two cities will be side by side.

Why is it dangerous?

Earthquakes are pretty common in Los Angeles. Earthquakes occur weekly. They are mild though. Most earthquakes are not even strong enough for the people to feel them. Occasionally you will see you chandelier swing for no apparent reason. Most all big earthquakes have been related to the San Andreas Fault. If you are afraid of earthquakes however Los angeles would not be a fun place to live for you.

Alaska (Ethan Klein)

Why people live there

People live in Alaska because it is a beautiful place where there isn't snow. Alaska is a place where you can do many outdoor activity. In some places in Alaska there is no state income tax and every October the state of Alaska pays every resident even children a cut of the money from oil taxes. The latitude and longitude for Alaska is 64.0000° N, 150.0000° W.

Tectonic Activity

The Pacific plate and the North American plate collides together and that is what is causing the earthquakes and volcanoes in Alaska. Alaska is the most tectonically active region in the United States. They experience more then half of all the earthquakes recorded in North America each year. That is due to the state’s unique location on the northern rim of the Pacific basin. Alaska is the driving forces behind the level of earthquake activity that occurs in the state.


In the 1964 Alaska earthquake it had a moment of a magnitude of 9.2. Making it the second largest earthquake recorded in history. It was the most powerful in the U.S. and North America and it lasted 3 minutes. In 1957 Alaska had a earthquake magnitude of 8.7 and cost the state 5 million and it had more than 300 aftershocks. That is more aftershocks than the 1964 earthquake they have at least 10 earthquakes each year.


Now you know a little about what places we think are one of the four most dangerous places in the world. So now you know even if they are beautiful on the outside they can be dangerous it on the inside. Even though there are a lot of tectonically dangerous places don’t let it keep you away from them because they are still very amazing to go visit. Also you can do some research to see if it is thought to have a big earthquake soon.