Analyzing companies takes time...

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Identify opportunities (whether to stay out or get in or simply wait)

Analyzing companies takes time. Most people would perceive "risk" as something that they don't understand. Risk in the marketplace is minimized by making a value buy. Not a value 'trap' buy either but simply to buy something under book value in an uptrend.

Determining the quotient potential when maximum pessimism is seen by the majority, is when the contrarian buys. Always bet against the crowd? Maybe. What is the crowd doing now? May 2016? Holding bonds, avoiding assets that matter and ever piling on more depreciating assets and betting that life will continue as the past 5 years.

Can you earn more than Buffet?

So how come some can actually come up with a 85% ROI average return year after? That's the hard part and when one can quickly determine value, it's easy to sort out which companies are not worth looking at for the meantime and which handful of companies are.
Do you plan to save for retirement?
SAVE? and what earn 2-10% a year?
That is risky!
Because the upside is limited and time is limited and who knows if inflation will eat up returns let alone the taxes that are due... Can u earn 85% a year?
Yes, but most people don't want to because it's "too risky". Yes it is risky if you don't understand value.
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Why most people only stay average at best

If you like to have any public company analyzed for value, for target price or for entry point, AND STOP LOSS POINT let me know. Sorry i'd rather not recommend anything that does not have a 50% ROI potential in the next 2 years. The best bulls shake off the most people.

What bull are you riding? Or are you riding a sheep with the other sheep and heading for a cliff? What are you betting your retirement on for the short and the long term? Determine if you are a trader, an investor or a saver. Learn the law of compounding and follow Buffet's ideas, not his picks... will Apple return for the oracle of Omaha?

He bought 1 billion worth recently... but everyone else has an advantage over Warren.... learn it... it will be worth the study. EBITDA, P/E ratios, MACD, SENTIMENT are all tools. No I will not provide ideas for nothing, but i will analyze a few companies and provide some opinions and never will offer guarantees.

I don't even need to know the company name or what they do, just show me a chart with numbers. Always consult a professional before making decisions regarding choices made for a future that is unknown. No one knows if the DOW will be up 100 points or down 100 points tomorrow, right? Or if real estate will keep rising or if interest rates will triple by 2020.

Do you believe anyone made 300,000% ROI in 15 years? That's crazy. Yes it is, but it has been done. Your best investment will be yourself... That, you cannot put a ROI might be better than any portfolio you ever wanted. Be grateful for having this chance. Wisdom is rare, mistakes are common. It's okay to be wrong sometimes and still come up with better than the average sheep... let's ride some bulls...

Yes additional articles will be issued at random to become more informed

Specific articles related to your portfolio and we like to see at least a 50% ROI per year for each portfolio if you follow the guidelines that we teach and use the tools to look for your own opportunities after a period of time

Frequently asked questions

How much will this cost? $5 per stock chart- simple stop price, target and buy/sell/hold given a 12 month timeframe target of 50% or better.

When can i expect feedback? Within 48 hours

How many ideas will i give out per month? 5- These alone can make your portfolio take off

If you want a complete portfolio analysis write-up it will cost $5 per position

What if the market drops and i lose money? We will issue set sell-stops based on your allowed risk

What can i look forward to? Better performance with much less risk

How do i pay? Paypal is preferred-

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What bull are you riding? Don't let Jim Cramer tell you what to do, learn what Buffet wished he could do!