Civil Times


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Auction Letter

Dear Lily, June 18,1863

Four more slaves to be sold, my older brother standing behind me. I wait patiently to be next, one price spoken and they are gone. I don't want to lose my brother I told him last night that we should've started to run but he knew we would've gotten caught, I knew it to.

They walked back to me, and took me to where everyone was staring ready to shout a number. They all were so quiet I could feel my brother staring at me. It was gloomy today guess they picked the perfect day cause we all feel sad, well us soon-to-be-slaves.

"1,026" some man said.

"going once go-'' the man hosting was cut off.

''1,030'' another man said.

''going once goi-'' the man was cut off the 3rd time.

''1,040'' the other man said.

I realized looking at his 2 slaves with him looked fairly familiar a couple moments later I realized that it was my parents.

''going twice sold'' he man said. For once i was happy to be sold.



Frederick Douglass Interview

I sat down with Frederick Douglass and this is what he had to say.

Ashley: Where were you born?

Frederick:I was born in Maryland 1880

A:Have you ever found out who your father was?

F: No, and I've only seen my mother once. After that she was taken away from me.

A: How did you plan to run away?

F: I disguised myself as a sailor and took a train.

A:What did you do with women's rights?

F: I helped Susan B. Anthony & Elizabeth Cady Stanton by helping protest against it.

A:What obstacles did you over come running away?

F:It was hard to get a sailor suit but when I was younger I dreamed about steeling and escaping.

A:How did you meet Abraham Lincoln ?

F:I wrote in the news paper and Abraham Lincoln saw it and we kept in touch and became good friends.

A:Did you think what you did was a good idea and why?

F:I thought it would've been a bad idea but I had to escape.

A:How does your run away impact your life?
F:It impacted my life by writing books or meeting Abraham Lincoln, or helping women's rights.

A:Did disguising yourself as a sailor turn out the way you wanted?
F:Yes because when I fought back against Covey it was pretty easy to escape as a sailor I didn't get get a boat I actually escaped on a train.

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Frederick Douglass Biography

Frederick Douglass was a man who believed slavery was wrong. When he was young he dreamt of running away. Then years passed and he did. Later in life he became an abolitionist.

Douglass had many hobbies as a child. Douglass' birthday was in February of 1818. He was also born in Maryland. Growing up as a child he loved to read and write his owner's wife taught him how to do that secretly. His jobs on the plantation was picking cotton.

When Douglass was older he did a lot of many different things. He became an abolitionist. After that he wrote two books. Later he got married and two kids.

Douglass had many accomplishments in life, here are a few. He wrote many books. He became friends with Abraham Lincoln and kept in touch during Abe's presidency. He also he gave blacks the right to vote.

Fun facts about Douglass

-He escaped pretending to be a sailor on a train.

- He was the only slave that knew how to read and write.

-He was friends with Abraham Lincoln.

-He participated in women's rights.

-He got taken away from his mother after he was born.

-He made an anti-slavery newspaper called The North Star.

Frederick Douglass did many things throughout his lifetime. He died at the age of 77, the date was February 20th 1855. He was a very famous abolitionist.

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Underground Railroad

I've been running all night it's finally day. If I stop now I might get get caught I can't risk it one more time. That is when I heard horses feet stomping on the road behind me. I froze as if I was a statue.
'' hey you are you a run away are you a free slave what I'm asking come with me. A voice says. I'm to scared to move that don't even turn around or follow his orders I just stand frozen.
''What are you waiting for.''He yells.
'' um y-es sir.'' I say frightened.
That is when I twisted around I thought about making a break for it, why would I do that then I went to where he was standing that was my master.
''Julia where have you been when we get back you are going straight to the plantation no word about it.'' Master Mack said.

when we got back I went straight to the plantation and started picking cotton. Then i had idea to make a break to the woods tonight. Couple of days later I made it to the north I made sure to stay hid till the sun started to set I ran to the Iron Horse. That was the last day I was going to be a slave and I knew it.

Union Civil War Letter



The war is over with, us-The Union in victory. It all started when the rebels making a suprise attack on us in the spring of 1862. The battle was held in the crater of Fort Hill. Our victories were held at Champion Hill. When won the war the rebels lost control over the Mississippi River. The battle of Vicksburg is now over with and won by the Union.

Love Your Son,