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November 12, 2018

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American Education Week

This week is American Education Week! It is a week to celebrate public education and to celebrate those who make public education possible. This week SMS will be celebrating all of the teachers, and aides and staff who make our school community work! The Student Council would like to challenge each and every one of you, students and staff alike, to show your appreciation to those in our building who work hard for us. Find one person each day and give them a smile, a thank you, or let them know in some other way that you appreciate what they do for you!

Written by Sydney Mayer, SMS Student Council

SMS Dance Friday Night

Hey, SMS it’s time to get “Footloose” to the “Eye of the Tiger” on this “Thriller” night! That’s right! It’s the 80s and we're having a dance! On November 16th, join us for a totally tubular blast from the past; it’ll be cool beans! There will be pictures, concessions, and of course, music. Admission is $3, or FREE if you return your Drug-Free Pledge on time, so come join us! You’ll have “The Time of Your Life!"


  • The dance is Friday, November 16th from 6:30-9:00 P.M.
  • The dance is for SMS students ONLY.
  • Students must attend class all day on Friday in order to attend. (students removed from class, assigned detention, or suspended on dance day are ineligible).
  • The dance is chaperoned by SMS staff and SMS parents or guardians.
  • Admission is FREE with a Drug-Free Pledge or $3.
  • You can bring extra money for pictures, concessions, and glow sticks.
  • 6th and 7th graders enter via the bus doors.
  • 8th graders enter via the west PE hall doors.
  • Dance attire must meet dress code... 80's hair, leg warmers, and shoulder pads are encouraged! Hammer pants, anyone? (Ask your parents/guardians to explain!)
  • The dance ends at 9:00 PM sharp.
  • Cell phones may be carried during the dance but cannot be used without administrative permission. No photos, texting, etc. during the dance!

Chaperones are asked to call SMS this week to register (752-8926). Chaperones will meet in the cafeteria at 6:15 P.M. Parents and guardians should park in the west lot. Please encourage your adults to chaperone. We cannot have a dance without them! Our goal is to have over 400 students and over 100 chaperones. Remember that chaperones have assigned tasks (your parent cannot stalk you all night!)

Written by the SMS Student Council Publicity Committee

Take the Pledge!

Who likes FREE stuff? Would you like to get into the SMS fall dance for FREE? SADD is inviting all SMS students to sign a pledge to live drug-free. Pledges will be handed out in homeroom Monday. Any student who returns a signed pledge to school by Wednesday will get into the dance for FREE! Did we mention it’s FREE?? “Life is Your Journey, Travel Drug-Free."

A free dance is cool. A drug-free life is priceless!

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Got Gear?

SMS is proud to announce the launch of our BSN Sports Sideline Store! This is the official vendor of spirit gear for SMS students, families, and friends. Access the store from our school website and find brands you know and designs you'll love! We've got apparel options for our school, our sports, and our clubs! You can even customize your gear.

Best of all, there are no minimum orders and items are shipped directly to your home! The SMS Athletic Department earns 10% on every order placed. The store stays open 24/7 and we plan to continue this opportunity all year long!

Sometimes, the store offers discounts! From now until November 22nd, the store is offering a 20% discount on orders of $85 or more (some exclusions apply). Need a Christmas gift for a soccer mom? Need to show your Art Club pride? Search hundreds of items by apparel item or by graphic design. Thanks to Mrs. Manns and Mr. Smith for this new opportunity!

Academic Super Bowl Team Chosen

Academic Super Bowl coaches met last Tuesday to choose the 2018-2019 team to represent SMS. Students were chosen based on application responses, teacher recommendations, attendance, and grades.

Congratulations to the students on the MATH squad: Felix Walker, Olivia Higginbotham, Katie Montgomery, Hailey Laney, Memphis Jenkins, Julia Waymire, and Jaylee Chandler. The SOCIAL STUDIES squad consists of many returning members and some new: Gabe Hines, Aiden Crites, Olivia Fugate, Emma Lynn, and new teammates Leala Langdon, Logan Steier, and Hayden Garten. Congratulations to the SCIENCE squad: Samantha Boyd, Noah Bagwell, Lizzie Denison, Peyton Crone, Peyton Preston, and Sophia Voiles. Many of the ENGLISH squad participated last year. Congratulations to Skylar Herald, Kellan Carter, Morgan Stauter, and new teammates Allison Treadway, Emma Spaulding, Hailey Schafer, Kaydee Unger, and Scarlett Camp. The INTERDISCIPLINARY squad will be chosen later in the season.

The official kickoff for Academic Super Bowl is on Monday, November 19th from 3-6:15! There will be a PIZZA/MOVIE party in the Media Center/Fishbowl. The movie is on the Interdisciplinary squad’s study list: Doctor Strange.

It is important that all Academic Super Bowl members attend this kickoff party. Coaches will be going over study materials, and there will be a short parent meeting starting at 6 PM to provide information about the upcoming season. Any member who is unable to attend will need to contact his/her coach.

MATH Coach: Mr. Hicks


SCIENCE Coach: Mrs. Fryfogle

ENGLISH Coach: Mrs. Cox


Congratulations to all of our ASB team members!

Bravo, Drama Club!

Big, Important Things to Know

Winterguard practice begins! Practices will be held Tuesday and Thursday from 3:30-5:30 in the old middle school cafeteria (north of Meyer Gym on 3rd Street). Guard members are invited to meet in our cafeteria right after school and to walk together to the practice. Bring activewear as you'll be moving and grooving! Have your ride pick you up at the old middle school at 5:30.

Picture Retake Day is Thursday, November 15th. We'll take pictures first thing in the morning. If you missed our original picture day, grab a flyer in the office and take it home. Students don't need to buy pictures but they do need to have one made because fall pictures are used in the spring in our yearbook!

The Road to SHS begins for 8th graders on Tuesday! SHS staff and students from the High Schools That Work and the New Tech programs will hold a panel discussion in the afternoon.

Mid-Term Day is Friday, November 16th. Get your academic house in order!

Football Conditioning

Any student in grades 7 or 8 interested in being a part of Warrior Football are invited to participate in our off-season strength and speed training on Monday, 11/12 from 3-4:30 P.M. in the SHS weight room. We will work out every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday (for those not involved in a sport). The first few weeks are very important for those new to weight training as we'll work very hard on safety and technique. This program is designed to build strength, speed, teamwork, and many other attributes geared toward on- and off-field success. Please wear a t-shirt, shorts, and gym shoes and meet outside of the weight room. If you have any questions, ask Mr. Barnett or Mr. Bell.

This Week...

Mon. Nov. 12: A day, Bot Warriors, 7 BB v. Austin, 8 BB @ Austin, 6 GB v. East Washington

Tue. Nov. 13: B day, SHS Panel Discussions, Archery, Science Olympiad, Winterguard, Builders' Club Float Building, 7/8 GB v. Hazelwood, 6 GB v. Borden

Wed. Nov. 14: A day, Cross 7:45am, Builders' Club Float Building

Thu. Nov. 15: B day, Picture Retake Day, Archery, Science Olympiad, FACS B, Winterguard, Builders' Club Float Building, 6/7/8 GB v. Charlestown, 7/8 BB @ East Washington

Fri. Nov. 16: A day, Mid-term Day, School Dance 6:30-9 PM