Welcome to Oak Ridge

Better together...


We are so excited to have you join our staff for the 20 - 21 school year. The purpose of this newsletter is to hopefully answer some of your questions about our school and the Oak Ridge Way. Kara Saly, AP, and myself believe in an the open door policy so please do not hesitate to ever stop in and ask a question, say hello, or drop off a diet dr. pepper. :)

From me, I believe and share that family comes first and that is how we operate here at ORE. While we take our job seriously and we work hard, your family is your first priority. Don't ever hesitate to take time to attend a graduation ceremony, a school party, or stay home with a sick loved one.


We do our best to keep it simple. Dress professional and you will be fine.

M, T, and Th are dress nice days. We ask that you wear slacks, skirts, nice tops with dress shoes.

Wednesday is Oak Ridge staff shirt and jeans and tennis shoes.

Friday is jeans and a shirt of your choosing. If writing is on it, it needs to be school appropriate.

For more specific details, refer to the staff handbook in the ORE google folder.


Deanna Rogers - receptionist - office supplies, keys, scan tags for students,

Kathie Gensbigler - school secretary - travel forms, order forms, budget questions,

Jeanie Wyatt - email is Helen Wyatt - technology help

Viriginia Vera - attendance, registration, e-tac for attendance and grade reporting, a good laugh

Kai Henderson - counseling services for students, help for students and families that need assistance, 504

Kara Saly - behavior support, transportation, instructional questions, ELL, LPAC,

Tami Eldridge - behavior support, instructional questions, all around support

Rachel Miller - all things ELA, GT

Kelly Moore - all things math


Lunch - currently your team will split duties for lunch and recess. Half of the team is on duty at lunch and half of your team will be on duty for recess. You eat with the group that eats when you do. (This is subject to change with new COVID regulations coming out for expectations.

Leave Early - If you need to leave early (up to 1 hour so 2:30), you must complete a leave early form at least 48 hours in advance and obtain permission. You have 5 leave earlies a year (don't use them unless it is important) If it is more than an hour or more than 5 times for the year, you will need to take half a day.

Leaving Campus - You are welcome to leave campus during your lunch break if you need to run a quick errand. You will need to notify the front office before you leave and when you return. Your planning time is for planning and you are expected to be on campus. If it is an emergency and you need to run out during your planning, please notify the front office.

Staff hours - 7:30 - 3:30 (or until all students are gone) Staff are required to be in their classrooms by 7:30 a.m. End of the day is 3:30 but if students are still on campus for dismissal, staff is required to stay until car rider and bus riders are gone.

Student technology - This is based on grade level. Basically we have a 2:1 ratio or close. Some grades have more technology as a result of usage. K and 1 use ipads, 2-4 use chromebooks.

Duties - Morning is normally covered by specials, special ed and paras. Mid-day is covered by classroom teachers and paras with half the team doing lunch duty and half the team doing recess duty. Everyone has an after school duty for dismissal. These duties are assigned by administration with some wiggle room within your team.

Canvas Page/Google Docs - We do our best to maintain both a Canvas page and a folder in Goggle docs where we house all things important.

Points of Contact - Who to ask - There is a document in both Canvas and google that is an extensive list of who to contact for. When all else fails, come see someone in the front office, we will always point you in the right direction.

Copies and copy machine - The copy machine is in the lounge. You are welcome to use it as needed but be gentle. It is new and should be in great shape so we need to keep it that way. Paper is in the brown cabinets in the same room. If there is every any issue with the copy machine, please immediately let Kathie G know so that we get it addressed immediately.

Parking - There are two lots for staff. You can use either on a first come, first serve basis. There is one in the back (north end of the building) and one on the opposite end (south end of the building). On the south end we share the lot with the clinic so avoid the spots that are reserved for the clinic. The front lot is reserved for visitors and front office staff.

Campus Open - Custodial is here from 6:30 - 8:00 daily. Those are the hours that you are able to work. You may not come in earlier or leave later as the alarm must be set. With that said, with our family first belief, you should not be here from 6:30 - 8:00 daily. Family time is important as well as safety when leaving the building. As the time changes, you will need to try to leave before the sun goes down as our lots are not always lit.

Phone calls - All classrooms have phones that can be used to call parents. We refrain from having parents call directly into the classroom. We want them to go through the front office so that it doesn't interrupt teaching. Our main line number is 832-592-5900.

Bulletin Boards - There is one team bulletin board in every area. It does need to be updated on a regular basis. One of our discussions over the year is that our bulletin boards should reflect learning that is taking place in the classroom. They speak volumes about what we value at ORE.


Diana White is our campus mentor. She will meet with all of you a few times throughout the year to just check in. It is required for those with 3 years or less teaching experience but all will be invited and welcome.

Your "go to" person - Your team leader is always a good resource, but I have assigned each of you your own person so you have someone to go directly to.

Monica Jones - Lisa Lara

Makenzie Roy - Erin Ryan

Alyssa Dishong - Tami Miller

Reagan Wiley - Shelby Harvey

Jordan Rogatchev - Rachael Fuller

Carly Clifford - James Fatuch/Cladia Munoz

Samantha Fitzgerald - Mendy Carr

Kelly Moore - Rachel Miller

Kai Henderson - Kara Saly

April Gottlick - Tanica Emanuel

Kevin Howland - Tanica and April