Weekly Glimpse 2/5/16

From Fourth Grade

Language Arts

Focus this week:

* This month's genre is Prose

* Classroom novel is Serafina's Promise by Ann E. Burg

* Three literature circle books: Eva on the Farm, Home of the Brave, Another Day as Emily

* Students met with their book groups to discuss the pages read and also share their jobs

* Students will earn a grade for independent work and group work

* books are needed for each class (not left at home)

* the books are filled with figurative language and so we reviewed figurative language

Next Week:

* pages read and jobs completed to meet with their groups

* class novel

* Spelling test next Friday

* starting morphemes - root word and origins

* writing piece "If My House Could Talk"

Social Studies

Focus this week:

* Chapter 5 test taken and returned

* students began with the Northeast ( New England & Mid Atlantic)

* everyone got their Bare books to use for illustrations and notes for each region

* made flashcards using the app - flashcardstogo.com

Next week:

* using the text to travel through the NE

* notes

* illustrations

* non-graded quiz on states & capitals

Teacher's Note

* Lenten season begins next Wednesday (Ash Wednesday) - there will be a service @ 1:30

* Half-Day next Friday

* Please remind your fourth grader to bring his/her class novel to school each day

* Valentine cards and a small treat will be shared next Friday before dismissal - Tammy Murdock and Jill Morris have the details