George Washington #Leader

Written by Jacob Heinrichs


Lets start before the revolution.

Mary Washington gave birth to George Washington on February 22, 1732. He was the eldest of his fathers, Augustine Washington, second marriage. His family got by with Farming and land Speculation. It had brought the family moderate prosperity. However, when George was just eleven years old, his father became ill after surveying his lands during a long ride in bad weather conditions. His mother, a very strong driven woman, fought to keep the farm alive, and send her kids to school. She hoped to send George to a school in England, but she canceled the plans and George didn't receive more then the equivalent of an elementary school education. George was a vary shy kid and not vary literate, but he was large strong and a handsome child.


George Washington was a huge figure in the American Revolution. He alone, stop the Revolution from turning on congress. The Soldiers weren't getting paid and they had to survive in the cold, ration food and water, and were away from their families. They were angry that they had not been paid and haven't been paid lately. He gathered all his officers and men in a building telling them not to do such a thing. The soldiers didn't react, George didn't change their mind. He took a final attempt. He reached in his shirt pocket and pulled a recent letter of support from Joseph Jones, a Congressman from Virginia. However, Washington's vision had begun to fail. He stumbled in the first paragraph, he then pulled a pair of reading glasses. As he was putting them on, he said "Gentleman, you must pardon me, for I have not only grown gray but almost blind in service to my country." He continued to read the letter and left his officers in tears.