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January 2013

Fiction Books to Know About

Non-Fiction Books to Know About

Websites to Know About

Google Dictionary

Download Google Dictionary, a Google Extension that provides a definition and an audio pronunciation when any word found online is double-clicked. This tool could benefit so many of our students, especially those who struggle with reading comprehension or our ELL students, as they conduct research or complete other online assignments. Make sure to login to Chrome to access the audio capability.

You Are Your Words

This site, created by The American Heritage Dictionary, allows users to upload a photo (of themselves, a drawing, anything!) and also text (story, report, poem, anything!). From there, You Are Your Words uses the text to create the photo. Visit www.youareyourwords.com to get started or to see the gallery of additional projects. This could be a great way for students to utilize their artistic abilities in an assessment.

Other Information to Know About

How Teens Do Research in the Digital World

According to a survey conducted by the Pew Research Center's Internet & American Life Project as well as the College Board and the National Writing Project, many secondary teachers "render mixed verdicts about students’ research habits and the impact of technology on their studies." This survey, conducted in March/April 2012, interviewed secondary teachers and high school students on digital technologies and their impacts on student research. Click here to view the overview of the results of the survey (a link to the entire report is also accessible from the link). Please remember - if you are completing a research assignment in your class, please let me help! Click here to view a list of ways I can assist with your class projects.

Notable Children's Books of 2012

Check out this article, posted in the New York Times, that lists the most notable young adult, middle grades, and picture books of 2012. The title, author, and brief description are provided for each book.