2nd Grade PLC Meeting

November 11, 2014

Attendance: Bradt, Taplin,Wylie, Sestric, McKay , Ransom...Hess, Sigel

Agenda Items

1. Celebrations - Big Sale this weekend! Tom saved a life this week:-)Sydney's team won 1st and her ankle is hopefully only sprained.

2. Look at Reading Assessments for Mastery Connect - Which do we want to use and how often? Sandy is going to put them in order and send us them weekly.

3. Discuss upcoming project, and technology resources (Lindsay, mornings):

4. Look at Topic 8 to "Overall" Plan, as suggested at our Training. Watch out for tricky 6 and 8 on Math Alternate Topic 7:-)

5. Sandy updated us on resource pins which are useful to find resource by day in our Units of Study.

Native American Project

Marietta: What can we do for the lowest kiddos for this project? Possibly concentrate on only two tribes. Marietta could do the research and simplify it with pictures for these kids and then have all these students work in small group with Linda and Marietta, using guiding questions...lots of scaffolding and modeling. The lowest kids would use an even more basic template, focusing on the reading to prepare for the audio portion of the activity. (Marietta is creating the list of these students)