Awesome Aurasma

How Prep White became Augmented Reality Publishers

Augmented Reality: Age 5

Use this code to become connected

Scan the following QR Code and your device will download the Aurasma app and link you to the Prep White Channel. (This may take a few minutes). If the auras don't appear directly after downloading the app, scan the code again.
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Examples of student work

What to do when you're connected...

Once Aurasma is on your device and you are connected to the Prep White Channel, point your device at the following pictures and your device with automatically play the aura linked to the picture. (You will need some sort of internet connection).

If you double tap the aura when it is loaded, it will go full screen and you will be able to move your device from the trigger image.

Christian's explanation of his Self Portrait

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Amelie's explanation about her family tree

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Christian's explanation of his family

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Andrew's favourite celebration

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