SCEC Elementary Curriculum Updates

January, 2021 Mrs. C. Gutierrez

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From the Desk of Christina Gutierrez

Happy New Years to the SCEC family! A new year often signifies a fresh start for most of us. For some this could include health goals, professional goals, family goals, etc. Whatever your idea of resolution may be, the point is to set a goal to work towards. Life is about growth. You owe it to yourself to be the best version of YOU possible. Therefore, reflection, and honesty are needed to see what part of your life you want to grow in.

May I encourage you to use this New Year as an opportunity to develop a new mindset. A mindset that allows yourself to see the positives daily. You can only control you. So why not invest in you! By clearing your mind of negativity and making your mental health a priority, you will set yourself up for new growth and learning in the new year. Blessings and prosperity to you and yours!


Read Alouds/Think Alouds-What is the purpose and how do I know if I am doing them effectively?

Read alouds are an important part to the reading block. Read alouds support all readers and should happen daily in Tier 1 instruction. They are intentionally planned out with a learning focus such as a comprehension strategy. They promote student thinking/discourse and text engagement. Although students are not reading, they are practicing how to think their way through a text, with the teacher as the facilitator. The text is complex and/or above the grade reading level. The teacher creates a read aloud culture with her class that supports participation, safety with sharing and well thought out signals that support the whole group reading process.

While reading aloud you should ask yourself;

  • Who is doing the thinking?
  • Am I stopping strategically throughout the story to hear student thinking and/or promoting discourse (i.e turn and talks)?
  • What strategy have I modeled that supports comprehension?
  • How am I promoting vocabulary development?

If you are wanting to learn more. Below is a quick informative video to support your expertise.

Think aloud for Read Aloud

This video does a great job at dissecting a read aloud lesson and how to grow your read aloud craft.

Think Aloud for Read Aloud


K-2 Math Maps are up on website!!

Did you know that Math tiered assessments are available in our new maps? Yes!!! Maps are located on the district website. See image below to find K-2 maps. Math maps for grades 3-6 are in the same place.
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Once you are there, if you click on the blue hyperlink, it will send you directly to the google doc that contains the tiered assessments. Below is a sample of what the map looks like and all its components.Things to keep in mind when using maps;

  • Each unit has identified priority standards.
  • Priority standards are the standards that are the main focus of the cycle.
  • Priority standards have proficiency scales that can be used to differentiate classroom assignments and create Checks for Understanding tasks.
  • Each priority standard has correlated supporting standards that help address all standards in an organized fashion.
  • Tiered assessments come in three levels of proficiency.


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Instructional Coaches Contacts

Instructional Coaches are here to help! If you need assistance, please be your own professional growth advocate. They are here to support ALL!

Instructional Coach Ann Kelly

Instructional Coach Rosie Hamilton

Technology Instructional Coach Michelle Navarro