The Arms Trade

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How the Arms Trade started.

The arms trade entered in December 24, 2014. 52 states signded the treaty but did not ratified it.The treaty was neglected at a globle confrence from JULY 2-27, 2012.The root know as the Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) can be tracked back to the late 1990's.A group was lead to New York to offer the world a code of conduct for the trade in arms. Human Progress has played an instramental role in achieving approval of the treaty.

The arms trade treaty was a hard thing for the human progress to acheive for them they struggled hard to get this treaty to continue. This became to make there hard work into a war.Just imagin doing what the human progress did to make this a part of there life.

So close your eyes and imagine a group arguing about how it should be,how hard it was for them to use their ideas and how to agree on something that they all thought would work.

The War Becoming

Little did the group know that there massive work was going to become a big war and a part of history. Nobody knew that what was going on was going to be put in our history and a big war in fact i bet the president didn't even know what was going on! There was a lot of fear at this time a lot of people had guns and weapons with them, no one could trust anyone even there friends and family. Image how you would feel to become that scared that you would even be able to trust your loved ones and friends.

The Feeling

A lot of people were scared to even walk by others, they were scared of being killed or getting seriously hurt enough to not walk or breath.

I mean who would not be scared of being killed and to think we were alive during this, Imagen that this was 2 years ago and we are still alive, And to even think some of use did not even know this was happening.

All i can say was that it was a scary year for a lot of innocent people.

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They even had everyday people shooting highly dangerous guns.
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The government had mutable guns for there own protection.
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people from all over had protested against the Arms Trade.
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Many people died from armed forces and they put these signs on the innocent peoples grave so people would recognize how many people were being killed.
Arms Trade Treaty - Entry into Force Animation