72 Days

"Miracle in the Andes" by Nando Parrado

What is "Miracle in the Andes"?

Miracle in the Andes is about a rugby teams plane crash in the Andes Mountains in 1972. The author, Nando Parrado, gives details about the day by day struggles the survivors had to deal with. He writes about every event that happened, it feels like you are right there with him.

The Video

This video gives you an idea of who Nando Parrado, the author, is and what kept him alive during these 72 days in the Andes Mountains.
Nando Parrado- Nightline Online- Alive at Any Cost Video - ABC News.

Why read this book?

This book should be read because it shows the bravery a single person can possess. It also makes you thankful for life.

The Andes Accident official website.


Tuesday, Oct. 13th, 12am

Uruguayana, State of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil


This marks 43 years after the rugby team crashed in the Andes Mountains in 1972.