Computer Systems

How an Iphone is the same as your computer

Yes this small phone is a computer

In fact this little guy is the same as that mac you have in your own home

I know you are being skeptical but trust me

This guy is a great example of a computer. For one, the input is the touch screen or a handy Bluetooth keyboard. As you press the keys or touch the screen, the processor handles all of your commands. The output would be the screen display, it shows what the processor tried to understand. The phone then remembers how to do it again thanks to it's memory.

Are you starting to understand?

A perfect way to show this would be to text. Say you and your friends want to have a meal but you needed to do it by text. So you used your phone and pressed the keys needed to explain where you want to go, great job you just told your phone to tell other phones to display what you texted on their screens. Now the processor is trying to figure out how to do your command (mind you this for a phone now-a-day's would do this very fast like 1.9 seconds.) Now your phone is going to output the command you told it to do within guidelines. As it does this it is remembering how to text using it's memory

And there you have it, How the iPhone is the same as the computer