William Howard Taft

The 27th president of the U.S.


President Taft was born into the powerful Taft family on September 15, 1857 near Cincinnati, Ohio. Later in his life he graduated from Yale University. William Howard Taft was 27th president of the U.S. from 1909-1913. He later became the tenth chief justice of the U.S. He is the only person to have served in both of these offices.

Political Philosophy

President Taft was in the Republican party. He leaned towards the more conservative side of that spectrum also.

Taft and imperialism

When Taft became the president he followed many of Roosevelt previous imperialistic policies. Taft however started using dollar diplomacy (the use of a countries financial power to extend its international influence.) He used this policy to encourage U.S. investments in South and Central America, the Far East, and the Caribbean. By doing this the U.S. economic influence dominated the Caribbean. Taft used government officials to promote the sale of American products overseas. Being for Imperialism is one of the things Taft is known for.


He busted twice as many trusts as T. Roosevelt.

He passed the 16th amendment that allowed the federal government to to tax income without apportioning it among the states.

Impact and Legacy.

When Taft first became president he had a tough task: to live up to Theodore Roosevelt. His temperament that caused his to be a lackluster leader. He involved himself in any legislative issues. Allowing congress to add 847 amendments to his tariff reform package, removing any hope for any real reform. He will be known as the President that loved dollar diplomacy, and removing himself from decisions. He was not a horrible president, but he was not a great one either. He was just there.

Fun Fact:

He typically ate a dozen eggs, a pound of bacon, and mounds of pancakes for breakfast each morning.