GCS iPad Update

News for the week of Monday, November 12, 2012

Survey Says . . .

Here are three results from our iPad Parent Survey. For those who might have missed the last iPad Update, I've included the survey question I shared last week.

App Tour

Dropbox, Notability, eBackpack

Three of our most used apps are Notability, Dropbox, and eBackpack. With these apps, our students take notes, share notes, and automatically backup all of their notes. Our teachers distribute handouts electronically, then students turn in those digital notes back to their teachers without ever having to use a sheet of paper.

While going green was not our primary purpose, it has been an unintended consequence. However, the bigger benefit has been that because notes and most hand outs are digital and stored electronically on the iPad, students don't lose their notes!

Below is a video tour of Notability, Dropbox, and eBackpack.

App Tour

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