November Newsletter

Faithful Butterflies Primary Classroom

Faithful Butterflies in the Fall!

Hello Parents! We are now into our second month of school, and our Butterflies are quickly adjusting to the routines of school and are eager to absorb more and more information! We have been busy learning about apples and pumpkins during this season of harvest, and we were able to do many fun apple activities, which incorporated using all of the senses. We practiced apple cutting, peeling, smelling, and tasting.

Our students have also been developing a greater sense of the world we live in by introducing the continents. They have been learning about maps and what they are used for, as well as the cardinal directions. In chapel time, we have been focusing on our Bible theme and verse, "God's plan is perfect for me!" Through stories in the Bible, the children are understanding how God used each character in a special way, and how God has a greater plan in store for each of them!

November Curriculum

Geography: North America

History/Cultural: Native Americans

Zoology: Vertebrates/Invertebrates, Birds

Science: Weather Study

Language: 3rd Group Phonics (h, j, k, o, u, w), Metal Insets (tracing)
Mathematics: 1-10 Quantity/Symbol Association

Sensorial: Binomial Cube

Practical Life: Sweeping, Mopping, Dusting, Washing

Chapel Theme: God teaches me to be brave! Reading about Gideon, Daniel, Joshua, and David.

Class News/Information

Thank you for being so flexible in meeting for conferences during this past week! There have been many changes due to our school transition, and we are so thankful for your cooperation and grace through it all!

That being said, here are some things to remember as we finalize our transition in the next week:

1. All your children's belongings, including any extra clothes in their cubby, medication/sunscreen, blankets, etc., will be sent home this week.

2. Friday, November 3, the school will close at 3pm. Please pick up your child on time.

3. Monday and Tuesday, November 7 and 8, the school will be closed. Wednesday, we will officially be open at our new location!

Later Dates to Remember:

  • Wednesday, November 23: Half Day -- School Closes at 12pm NOON
  • Thursday and Friday, November 24-25 -- School CLOSED for Thanksgiving Break
"Let's Reunite Children and Nature"

Faithful Butterflies at Work in October!