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Week of September 19, 2016

Weekly Highlights

Issue 3

Hello Raby Family,

We are already in week 3. Time sure does fly!

Classroom Instruction

While visiting classes last week, there was some great teaching and learning taking place. A special shout out to Mrs. Houlihan, Mrs. Harland, and Ms. Roldan for great classroom instruction last week. Students were engaged in high level rigorous tasks that fostered classroom discussion, critical thinking, and fun learning for students. Keep up the great work!

Classroom Deliverables

-Objectives should be posted in every class class for every course daily. The objectives should be reviewed with students and posted in student friendly language so that students will understand what they are expected to do by the end of lesson. Students must be invested in their own learning. It is imperative that students know what they will learn that day, how they will learn it, and how they will know that they are learning it.

-Learning plans should include enough detail to descibe what will be taking place in class that day. Be sure to also include the connection to Gradual Release.

-Strategy of the Quarter implementation should be evident in every class daily.

-When including the Discovery S.O.S strategy, be sure to indicate in the learning plan when the strategy will be used. The goal is to continue to use high yield teaching strategies that will engage students in the learning task.

Building Relationships with students

Continuing to build relationships with students is a key component of academic success. CIWP Goal 1 focuses on continuous relationship building. One way to build relationships with students is to attend extra-curricular events such as football games and volleyball games. Also, ask yourself reflective questions such as:

-Do my students feel welcome when they enter my class?

-Do students feel like they are about to learn something exciting when they enter my class?

-Do students feel like I believe in them?

-Do I use positive language and tone (free of sarcasm) to communicate with students?

We must be intentional about relationship building strategies.

Freshman and Sophomore Open House

Open house for 9th and 10th grade students will be held on Wednesday, September 21. All 9th and 10th grade teachers are asked to participate. You will be compensated for your time. Let's make our parents and students feel welcome!


Homecoming will be October 8. If you are interested in volunteering in anyway, please let me know. (Remember how fun homecoming was when we were students. Let's create those fun experiences for our students too!)

In order for students to be eligible for homecoming, they must meet the following criteria for the weeks of September 19, September 29, and October 3:

-Must be in the green or blue by the week of October 3 when ticket sales begin.

-Must have no discipline infractions. Appeals will be at the total discretion of the administrative team and will not likely be considered.

-90% or better attendance

-No more than 3 tardies to school or class

Please be sure to message these requirements to students.

Student Council

Student council applications will be given to students this week. Please encourage students to apply. Applications will be available in the main office on Tuesday and they will be given to students during lunch. This is a strategy in CIWP goal 1.

Free Coffee on Mondays

Check with your local Dunkin Donuts because some locations give free coffee to teachers on Monday!

Have a great week!

Dr. Skanes