Flower Gardens

The Power Of Flowers By: Group 14

Seeds for Bees

Because of the flowers that we are planting, bees will have more nectar to turn into honey. Meaning more food for the winter. And when there are more bees, there are more crops being pollinated making more and better crops.

How It works

In our project, we had an idea to help the honeybees. As you may or may not know, the honeybees just got but on the endangered species on September 30, 2016. Even though this may not seem like a big deal, it is. The honeybee goes from flower to flower getting nectar from each flower to take back to the hive. While they are getting the nectar, pollen or the male sperm gets attached to their legs. And when going to the flowers they deposit the pollen, helping the flower be able to reproduce. Also, the nectar they take back to the hive is made into honey which we use to sweeten some foods some as tea and also in some shampoo. And the bigger picture is the fact that bees also pollinate our fruits and vegetables so they can reproduce. So when the bees don't pollinate, we are not going to get as many crops, bringing down our food supply. We need bees but bees don't need us. They could go on with life without us perfectly. In fact, we are the reasons that they are endangered in the first place, so their population would thrive. So we need to help them thrive which is why my group is making a flower garden to help them.

Types of flowers

We are trying to plant many different types of flowers for most or all the bees here in our area. Here are the following flowers: Sweet pea. It takes 60-65 days to bloom. It grows 4-6 inches tall. In depth it's 2". Thin, it's 6". The next flower is called Calendula. It takes 45 days to bloom or grow. They can grow up to 18" tall. The next flower is called Alyssum. It takes 50-60 days to bloom or grow fully.

Garden Warnings

Honeybees are not the only bees that may come to the garden. We may also have wasps and yellow jackets come for the flowers. We ask you to take extra precaution so you don't get stung. As long as you don't mess with the bees they will not mess with you.

Sandy Aceto

She is a worker at the environmental Heritage Center and we contacted her to ask her about our project. About honeybees and habitats.

Home Depot

We have contacted Home Depot and we have a deal with them to get some seeds with them. We got a gift card for 25 dollars and bought seeds, gardening tools, and gloves.