Manuel Noriega

Dictator of Panama (1983-1989)

Essential Question:

What actions did Manuel Noriega take to make him the ruthless dictator that he was?


  • born February 11, 1938 in Panama
  • studied at the city's top high school
  • he was forced to stop his plans to attend medical school because he did not have enough money
  • accepted a scholarship to Peru's Military School of Chorrios
  • in 1967 he recieved a commission to the Panamanian Nathional Guard and became a protege of Capt. Omar Torrijos
  • he played a key role in the coup d'etat
  • became leader even though there was another president that was elected

Manuel Noriega of Panama

Noriega to face fresh charges

Video Analysis:

This video describes Noriega's life in a few minutes. It gives you the gist about what he did and what happened during his life. He was a ruthless leader that used the military to enforce his laws during his regime. He was allied with the US CIA for a while and had many other connections. This video goes into depth about his arrest. They mention how long he ruled for. Some qualities he showed that could contribute to his dictatorship were stubbornness and that he wanted to control everything in his power. This video was helpful because it gives a background about his rule and what happened after he was thrown out of power.

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