Late Start Day on 1/29/20

Montgomery High School

Dear Viking Parents,

Just a reminder about our late start date on Wednesday, January 29, 2020, The school will start at 9:30 on these days and will end at the usual 3:00. Classes will remain in blocks, and Guided Study will be eliminated. The entire staff will be meeting from 8:00 – 9:25 to work on our school-wide collaboration to help support your student(s) learning here at Montgomery. Students who wish or need to be here at the usual time may go to the Student Union. We ask that students not roam campus this morning as all staff will be in meetings. Our campus supervisors will be available, however. The schedule is:

Period 0 -8:44-9:24

Period 2 -9:30-11:01

Break -11:01-11:12

Period 4- 11:18-12:49

Lunch -12:49-1:23

Period 6 -1:29-3:00