Te{a}ch Talk

Tips, Tricks, and Thoughts on Transformation

Volume 2, Number 3, October 8, 2015

Leveraging our Strengths for Learning

As teachers, we all know that efficacy and beliefs play a huge role in engagement, determination, and effort when we are learning new concepts and skills. We do better work when we feel like we will be able to succeed and there is value and purpose in what we are learning. Clearly, this is true for our students, too.

When it comes to technology use for learning, a whopping 98% of our licensed staff reported last year that they believe that technology use in class can enhance student learning.

Here is some encouragement:

  • Our licensed staff report a great level of ease with foundational technology use (email, spreadsheets, internet use, etc.) as well as a high frequency of researching and answering questions with online tools. Teachers outpace students in confidence with these skills.
  • Our students report great ease of using multimedia tools (photo editing, video editing, creating graphic representations, etc.). While 30% of licensed staff found these tasks to be easy, 67% of students reported ease with multimedia tasks. Our students are increasingly visual and are ready to use multimedia tools in learning.
  • Most of our licensed staff and students report learning new technologies easily--67% of licensed staff and 86% of students.

What's next? The foundational and widespread skills in our learning community, as well as our ability to learn new technologies open the door to try out tools that can enhance learning. As teachers, we have the pedagogical expertise to guide our students in engaging and purposeful learning, and both students and staff report ability and desire to use new technology.

Ready to try some new technology in your classroom? Tap into our existing skills and interests, do some quick internet research to build your resources, and feel free to contact me if I can help with exploring possible tools to try.

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