Egyptian Empire

By: Tori Wood

How did they become an Empire?

After Egypt kept getting invaded, they decided to create a powerful army. They were tired of being defeated. This was their first "real army." Also to create less invasions, they decided they wanted to invade. This was the beginning of the Egyptian Empire. With creating an Empire, they became bigger, got more money, land, and power. After the enlarged their empire, they decided to increase trade. This made more allies and made it so that they would have a variety of supplies and more supplies.

What did they accomplish/contribute?

Although most people think of the pyramids when they think of Egypt, the contributes a few more ideas to the society we know today. One thing that people often pass and forget even today is that girls can do what boys can do better. Hatsheput was the first Egyptian woman leader and she did really well. We haven't had one woman president yet, but I think there will be one soon in the next couple of elections and I think it will be a great change to the government. As I said before the Egyptian contributed to new ideas about pyramids and the idea of the pyramids. They got measurements so precise that we can't even do today. They created things to pull the blocks for the pyramids and many other tools too. Egypt also followed the idea of only one god which is a lot like Christianity.

Why did they fall and what can the US learn from it?

Egypt fell for many reason and actually more than once, but the final end to the Egyptian Empire was Alexander the Great's defeat of Egypt. Egypt also had economic problems that obviously didn't help. One thing we can do is be ready to pay back debt, not spend more money when you already in or close to negative numbers. Another reason the empire fell was because of all the invasions and wars that were happening. We can prepare by always having an army ready and having barriers. The Egyptian Empire also had the spread of diseases during the rest of this chaos. We can be prepared by always having medical equipment to treat a lot of people and for all kinds of diseases. Another thing that happened to Egypt that could have caused it to fall was their splitting up and reuniting more than once. We can learn that you need to make up your mind and stay one way. Have anymore ideas about what we can learn from the Egyptian empire and apply to America?

What is the most interesting thing about the Egyptian Empire?

From the research I did, I thought the most interesting thing about Egypt was all the commotion they had. There was always a different ruler, new invasion, or a changing of Egypt's governing system. For example, Egypt was once split into two, upper and lower Egypt and ruled be two separate leaders. Have anything you find interesting about the Egyptian Empire? Comment below or email me.

Themes of History Relationship to Egyptian Empire

Of the options of the seven themes of history we learned: Expressing Identity, Spiritual Life & Moral Codes, Haves & Have-Nots, Uses and Abuses of Power, Economic Networks & Exchange, Patterns of Population, and Science, Technology, and the Environment, I think that two that best fit the Egyptian Empire are Science, Technology, and the Environment and Spiritual Life & Moral Codes. I think Science, Technology, and the Environment because the Egyptians made the pyramids which was a great invention back then. The Egyptians also made small inventions like tools to built the pyramids and other structures. I also think that Spiritual Life & Moral Codes goes well with the Egyptians because temples and other things were built in honor or their gods, kings, or rulers. They also sacrificed things for these kinds of high-up people. If you have different ideas about what themes of history would better fit the Egyptian Empire, comment below.

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