Video Game Day

We play video games. On PCs but mostly Macs. Or any other game playing things you want to bring. We'll play games on it.

We'll probably start around 10AM, and go as long as we think we can go and still get into work the next day.

Friday, July 24th, 10am

1712 Main St

Kansas City, MO

Games you should own and download before we start

Come get this one from me

Nobody came to get this one last time, but I still have it on a thumb drive, so we'll try again.
Big image

Dungeon Defenders

4 player co-op 3rd person tower defense. I've got it DRM free for Windows, Mac and Linux. It's 5GB, so I'll give it to you on a flash drive.

Same Screen Games we'll have on a TV (bring an xbox controller)

A funny Freddie Wong video about video games

Master Grief