SPED 438: Practical Matters

By: Teri Smith

Collaboration Embedded in School Improvement Planning

Readiness- Before the school starts their improvement process everyone in the school must make the commitment to change. The team must communicate, consider different points of view, and know that disagreements should be addressed in a respectful manor.

Shared Leadership

When working on school improvement leadership is essential. One person that must be a strong leader is the Principle. The principle should understand the process and must know how to communicate their beliefs to the team. It is not the principles responsibility for all the leadership on the team. Leadership should be shared throughout the whole team.

Leadership and Teacher Teams

The team may consist of the principle, counselor, literacy coach, general and special education teachers, parents, and others that may make a valuable contribution in the decision making process. The team must make decisions and think about the outcomes that will benefit the students.

Parent Involvement

Without parent involvement school improvement is limited. Parents are there with their children in mind and also for the families involved. The parents are looking for the best interest in not only their student but their family. Parents also open the teams eyes to somethings they might not have thought of.