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Mythology of Cassiopeia

Cassiopeia was a very beautiful and very vain queen of Ethiopia. Gazing at herself in the mirror she proclaimed that she was even more beautiful than the sea Nymphs. As punishment Poseidon demanded that the princess Andromeda be sacrificed to the sea monster Cetus. After her daughter was saved by Perseus, Cassiopeia plotted with her daughter's ex fiance; Agenor to kill Perseus. Perseus used the Medusa's head to turn Cassiopeia, Agenor, and his men to stone. The constellations of the Queen Cassiopeia and King Cepheus are facing each others feet so they cannot speak to each other, because the Queen insulted the Nymphs. She is never below the surface of the sea. The name Cassiopeia is phonician phrase that means rose colored face.

Cassiopeia's Stars

The 5 brightest stars of Cassiopeia are all brighter than the third magnitude. Alpha Cassiopeia is traditionally called Shedir, Alpha is a double star. There are 13 stars in Cassiopeia, but there are only 5 main ones. It didn't really say which stars were the main ones but, we think: Alpha, Beta, Gamma,Delta,Epsilon are the main ones. Alpha is a orange hued star, Gamma is a white hued star, frequently called "the breast", Gamma really doesn't have a distinctive color it is just a shell-star, Delta really doesn't have a distinct color either, but it is a Algol type eclipse star its name is Ruchbah, Epsilon is a yellow hued star, Rho is a semi pulsating variable star, Eta is a binary star, Iota is a white hued star, Sigma is a green hued binary star, Psi is just a orange hued star. These are all 13 stars inside Cassiopeia. You can usually see the 5 main stars with a naked eye, then you might have to have a telescope to see the other stars.

Facts about Cassiopeia

  1. It is visible the whole year
  2. Cassiopeia is only visible in the northern hemisphere
  3. Stars are named off of the Greek alphabet
  4. It is in the quadrant NQ1
  5. It is bordered by Andromeda to the south
  6. Also is bordered by Perseus to the southeast
  7. Again is bordered by Cepheus to the north