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Manor ISD's Texas State Literacy Plan

Week of March 4th - March 8th

Happy Monday Campus Based Leadership Teams

In this week's issue, I have included some highlights and gentle reminders for your teams. Feel free to share the newsletter with your staff. The month of March highlights accomplishments of women. I have included a booklist, highlighting women, that you can use with students on your campuses.

  • Weekly Assignments ~ When completing weekly assignments, be sure that you are reading ALL components of the lesson so that you will know what additional ideas you can apply to your campus DIPS. To maximize your CBLT time, you may want to consider having someone to read the lesson prior to your CBLT meeting.

  • Uploading Assignments ~ Some campuses have uploaded last week's assignments in a different location, please go back and double check to ensure that you are placing the assignments in the proper location. Instructions for uploading and deleting misplaced assignments can be found on our Edmodo page.

  • Friday, March 8th ~ If necessary for your campus, please go ahead and make all necessary adjustments to your Leadership Binders. Feedback was provided to campuses at the Grant Implementation Team meeting.

  • Friday, March 8th ~ Please submit your revised Campus Data Informed Plan (DIP) to Felicia at felicia.turner@manorisd.net. Plans should include all MOY data, EOY goals, necessary resources, timelines, persons responsible, etc. Be sure that you have removed any "Sample Draft" marks from the DIP, added your campus name as well. Revised versions will be forwarded to our state literacy representative.

  • Week of March 11th - March 15th ~ Spring Break! Yay! Please enjoy your time with your family and get plenty of rest. CBLT's are not responsible for completing assignments during this week.

  • Every Friday by 5:00 pm ~ Sometimes we can miss the wonderful things you are doing on your campus to support literacy. If you want us to include any articles, video footage, campus pictures, teacher highlights, etc. in our TSLP newsletter, please send that information to Felicia. You can also post on Edmodo as well.

Let me know if there is any additional support you need with the course. As always, I will see you online. Have a good week!

Engaging the World Through Digital Literacy,

Felicia Turner, 21st Century Literacy Specialist

District Literacy, Early Childhood, and ESL/Bilingual Teams at Teacher Created Materials Luncheon with Dr. Brassell

Kinder thru 5th Grade Updates from Alex Carrillo

Elementary campuses are focusing on Explicit Vocabulary Instruction this month. The Interventionists are working with teachers to share the routine for explicit vocabulary instruction and teachers are collaborating with their teams on great strategies they use in the classroom to promote vocabulary acquisition and retention.

K-5 teachers are focusing on good reading/writing instruction and I am observing classrooms at all levels with engaging guided reading groups and students working in highly effective centers. Keep up the effort to instruct your students in small group reading and discuss what they read. Keep up the effort to have your students more involved in the reading/writing connection. These skills will pay off on the STAAR as the students learn to think about their reading and write about their thinking.

6th - 12th Grade Updates from Colleen Stearns

The Heart of Texas Writing Project will be at Decker Middle School and Manor Middle School on Tuesday, March 5th. Have an awesome training day!

It's Women's History Month!

Books Celebrating Women

Mothers of Invention: From The Bra to the Bomb, Forgotten Women and their Unforgettable Ideas, by Ethlie Ann Vare and Greg Ptacek. Nuclear fission, pink champagne, drip coffee, the ice cream cone — all were invented by women. Grades 9–adult.

Scholastic Encyclopedia of Women in the United States, by Sheila Keenan. Meet more than 200 notable women from the 1500s to today. Grades 4 and up.

Women Who Dared, by Valjean McLenighan. Biographies of six women who found adventure and satisfaction in unusual accomplishments make exciting reading. Grades 4–8.

Tatterhood and Other Tales, edited by Ethel Johnston Phelps, 25 international folk tales with spirited females as central characters and positive, pertinent themes. Grades 1–6.

The Keeping Quilt, by Patricia Polacco. Four generations have passed down family history through a quilt in this heartwarming, well-illustrated story. Preschool-Grade 3.

The Women of Our Time series is excellent, each brief book featuring a contemporary, notable woman and focusing on childhood experiences which set her path. Grades 3–6.

The Invisible Thread, by Yoshiko Uchida. Insightful, sensitive autobiography by the author of Journey to Topaz and Journey Home, childhood classics about the Japanese-American internment during World War II. Grades 5–9.

Hall, Marjory, Quite Contrary: Dr. Mary Edwards Walker (New York: Funk & Wagnalls, 1970). Biography of a pioneer female physician, the first woman to serve as a U.S. Army surgeon (during the Civil War) and to receive the Congressional Medal of Honor.

Snyder, Charles McCool, Dr. Mary Edwards Walker: The Little Little Lady in Pants (Salem, NH: Ayers Co. Pubs., Inc., 1974).

Hine, Darlene Clark, Black Women in America: An Historical Encyclopedia (Brooklyn, NY: Carlson Publishing Inc., 1993). Brief biographies of African-American women throughout the nation's history. This reference work includes useful bibliographies, a chronology/time line, and a index by accomplishments or job categories.

Hymowitz, Carol, and Michaele Weissman, A History of Women in America (New York: Bantam Books, 1984). From the "Founding Mothers" to "The New Feminism."

Luchetti, Cathy, and Carol Olwell, Women of the West (New York: Orion Books, 1982). Includes many photos and first-hand accounts of women and girls on the western frontier.

Manor ISD's Grant Implementation Team

Amelia Brown ~ Accounting and Bookkeeping

Email: amelia.brown@manorisd.net

Alex Carrillo ~ Elementary Literacy Specialist

Email: alex.carrillo@manoris.net

Laurie Fay ~ Grant Coordinator

Email: laurie.fay@manorisd.net

Muya Hayes ~ Early Childhood and Family Literacy Specialist muya.ogiste@manorisd.net

Colleen Stearns ~ Secondar Literacy Specialist

email: colleen.stearns@manorisd.net

Felicia Turner ~ 21st Century Literacy Specialist

Email: felicia.turner@manorisd.net